I am just a fallen soul.
I walk a crooked and broken path 
  in pitch black alone.
I have have known terror, I have known true horror.
I have been angry, I have been enraged,
  I have blamed and hated.
I have turned my back and walked away
  from all I knew to be true.
I never did know why I did it.
I have gone my own way just to become lost.
I have lost hope, I have given up on faith.
Love has been so foreign.
I was so desperate.
I reached out and light shone down on me.
I was taken up, out and away from all this misery.
I am learning to love again, 
  I am learning to trust again.
Once more I have hope and faith.
I will not let go, not ever again, 'cause then
  I'd be truly lost, empty and alone.
I couldn't take that again, I'm just not strong enough.
I have come to realize I cannot make it through
  this night alone.
Heaven's star shine your light down on this
  poor excuse for a man, guide me home.
I am so weary, I just want to rest.
Please provide shelter and refuge for this broken 
  down wanderer.
I will wait on You.
Will You give me wings to soar?
I just want to be closer, closer to You.
Please draw close and hold my heart, 
  shattered as it is.
It's all I have.
Please repair my torn soul.
Will You take me, make me whole?
I just want to rest in You.
Wrap me up and keep me safe and warm.
I have never known what it is to be loved.
And if I wander away, will You come after me?
Will You search me down?
Will You leave the ninety-nine just to find
  and bring home this one?
I am still prone to wander, disillusioned 
  with to much wonder.
What is out there for me?
Will I ever find what it is I'm looking for?
Will I ever ever know just what is I am looking for?
Fallen again.
Face down and marred.
Naked, shivering and afraid.
I just don't know.
I still have hope, I still have faith, they're
  all I have left.
I can feel Your touch upon me.
Once again You pick me up, out, and carry me away 
  from here.
Out of the dark and despair.
I rest my head on Your strong shoulder.
This is where I belong, I belong with and to You.
Please don't ever let me go, don't ever let me down.
I have known this all too well in my so-called life.
I can't promise I will never hurt or disappoint You,
  it's what I do.
Forsaken by one and all except You.
No matter what, I know You will move 
  all Heaven and Earth just to reach me.
But I am my own worst enemy, I have this habit
  of lying to myself, and so it always 
sends me running.
I just want to die. 
I am the guilty one.
But there You are once again, with arms open wide,
  You take me in again, I am home where I belong.
Nothing else matters any more, I am here, 
  here I will stay.
No more fear, no more shivering, no more 
  tears shed.
Learning to love again, I can love again.
But my old man still haunt me, still calls to me,
  whispering in my ear, enticing me to follow.
But I will stand firm this time, I will hold fast
  this time.
This is my home, you can just go back to Hell
  from whence you came.
You cannot have me.
Not now, not ever, forever more.


I will never be here again.
I will never return here again.
I will move on, I will walk on, I will press forward.
I will fight even to my last breath.
This is my journey, I will sojourn on till 
  I am home again.
I can see the candle in the window so far off.
But I will push forward through this mud and mire.
There is no doubt in my heart that I am 
  going to get there, my destination.
Only then will I lay down to rest.
For I will have passed into eternity.
This weary soul will not be so any more.
But until then I must keep moving, forever moving.
I don't want to be stagnant, for that is when
  I will become atrophy.
I will shrink into nothing.
Though oh so weary, though oh so hurt.
Wounded and bleeding out.
Life is slipping away.
I will arise, I will not accept death, for 
  death has no hold on me.
I will crawl on bloodied hands and knees 
  if I have to.
I will drag myself face down along the ground
  just like a snake.
I am determined, I have resolved, I will not quit, 
  I will not stop.
If you're not going to help, get out of my way.
My gaze is fixed squarely on the horizon.
The sun always rises and so too shall I.
This is the first day of my life and I will live it
  to the best of my abilities.
There is a fire within me.
I only see one thing.
A beauty beyond any description.
That is where my heart and soul long to be.
I will take one step...
I will take one step...
I will take one step...
I will take one step...
On and on and on and on and on.....To be continued....



Though weary, I keep trudging on.
Though hurt, I keep pushing on through the pain.
Though afraid, I continue forward.
Though pushed down, I get back up.
Though alone, I walk on.
Though pounded by raging storms, I press on through.
Though discouraged, I keep on keeping on.
Why? I do not know.
It's all I know.
It's all I can do.
No matter how hard the journey.
I will not stop.
I will not be held back.
I will be bent, but not broken.
Hope will not let me quit.
Faith gives me strength to go on.
Love holds me together.
No matter what comes my way.




Life is so cruel.
Life moves on without caring
  whether anyone gets cast aside.
This machine moves on and on.
Devouring all those who dare stand in its way.
That's all these souls are.
Fodder for the machine.
It is insatiable.
Everyday it's the same.
Lost souls are being lost one after another.
Oh the lies that I hear.
Makes my ears bleed.
This place is suffocating.
The air is poisoned.
Hope is dead.
The suffering suffer.
It is no more.
The nothing has become nothingness.
I swear I hear laughing.
Is someone deriving some perverse pleasure 
  from all this?
I turn my gaze to the darkened skies.
What more is there?
How much more are we to endure?
It's so very cold.
It's impossible to rest.
Oh I so very want to.
But I know I just cannot.
Or I'd be stolen too.
So scorch the earth.
Raze all to the ground.
Bury the dead deep.
There is nothing more here.
But we are doomed to stay put.
After all, where are we going to go?
But I still feel a tiny little spark within.
It keeps me warm.
It keeps me alive.
It isn't much.
But it's all I have.
And I will hold onto it with all I can.
Even to my final breath.
This spark is mine.
Maybe someday I can let it spread.
Ignite all that is dead.
Bringing a new world.
A world that is alive.
A world with colour.
A world where we can breathe.
For now it's just a dream.
But I will keep it safe within me.
As its light shines.
Calling out to all who would hear.
Come home.
Come home.
All the tired and weary.
All the sick and afflicted.
All the used and the users.
All come home.
Just come home.



Shine on, shine on...
Hope is the fuel.
Faith is the spark.
Love is the raging inferno.
Shine on, shine on...



We are the brave.
We are the strong.
We are the elite.
We are the resistance...the Blessed Resistance.
Hell no fury at all.

(Nod to Demon Hunter & The Blessed Resistance)



The Earth and all its wonders.
Could not even come close to the wonders of God.
Indescribable, You are my God!
And I will bow down and worship You.
Then I will rise to proclaim Your Name.
And all that You have done.
You are so amazing!
Creator of Heaven and Earth, and all in it.
Indescribable, You are my God!
And Your Spirit is alive in me!




You are my life.
You are my oxygen.
The sunshine warming my face.
My heart beats for you.
Your name is honey on my lips.
I take you in.
I feel so alive.
Again for the first time.
You brought me back to life.
Rescued me from certain death.
You are holding me even now.
Through this jungle you carry me.
You will not let me fall prey to any.
No one can even approach you.
You are radiant.
You are illumination.
You are the one, THEE only one!
Your soul is a wellspring of life.
Life eternal.
Alive and pure.
Those who drink of you never thirst again.
You sustain.
I will speak your name as long as my lungs draw air.
I will speak of you.
I will not stop.
I will not cease.
I will not back down.
No matter how many come against me.
I will not give in.
I'd rather die than bear the mark of evil.
If you are for me no one can be against me.
For you go before me.
The battles are done.
The war is over.
It is finished. 
Death is dead and buried.
May you reign forever more.
The mighty, the powerful, the loving, God Lord.



I have been tried.
I have faced the trials.
I endured all the tests.
Can't say I emerged unscathed.
I bear many scars.
And some wounds have yet to heal.
The pain still remains.
All the anger and rage.
I have seen much, maybe too much,
All the horror, all the terror.
I cannot erase it from my mind.
I am haunted by all the visions.
I scream at night.
All the darkness, all the evil.
There's no rest for this wicked man.
No escape from the torment I know.
I am cold.
I am weary.
I just want to rest awhile.
Sleep the rest of my so-called life away.
But there is little hope for me.
My faith is in tatters.
So much I have known.
So much I have seen.
I just want to forget, put it far out of my mind.
But my demons won't let me.
I am a prisoner inside my own mind.
Where am I?
Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
Frustration is slowly killing me.
I am dark.
I wear a noose 'round my neck.
One day I'm going to take that last jump.
It doesn't really matter.
No one knows of me.
Forgotten, forsaken.
I will disappear into the nothingness.
Shrouded in black blacker than black.
I do not care.
I am not here.
I am not there.
I am so weary.
Let me rest restlessly.
This is my lament.
I am buried.
I will decay and rot.
I do not care.
I am nothing in nothingness.




We are the lambs waiting the slaughter.
We have accepted our fate.
We have resigned ourselves to the inevitable.
Hope is non-existent.
We await the impending doom.
But this is not the end.
This is where we will begin.
Rise and rise again.
Our fate is ours to change.
Stand and put up a fight.
Let our rage break our oppression.
Chains will be loosed.
We will raze this place down to the ground.
Taking back what is ours.
Dignity, respect, joy, freedom.
There is no price too high.
In fact that price has been paid in full.
Time to move on, press on, forward, onward, upward.
No more bounds.
Perimeters will fall.
Push on my beloved.
Pressure the hinges.
The gate will topple.
The walls will crumble.
There is no stopping us.
We will no longer cower.
We will no longer run from our fear.
The fear will be cast off.
They will run from us.
Give chase brothers and sisters.
Bring them down.
Cut them down.
They will feel the wrath of righteous anger.
We are the blessed resistance.
No longer weak.
We are strong.
We are mighty.
Raise a bloody fist to the blood red skies.
Take no more oppression.
Let your whimper become a whisper 
  become a scream.
May your resolve be more solid than steel.
Motivate, radiate, illuminate.
Let there be no doubt.
You have your ground.
Dig in deep.
You are resolved to hold this your ground.
Surrender is not an option.
Do or die.
Rise above, go over the top.
Take it to the enemy.
We will not be pushed back.
We mean to re-capture the ground we surrendered.
This time to keep.
For God, For Jesus is our mighty battle cry.
The stench of death hangs heavy on the air.
The bodies pile to the red scorched skies.
The air is acrid.
Legion is quashed.
The oppression is done.
The battle is won, but the war rages on.
As long as there are oppressed we fight on.
Even to the very end.
No matter how strong the resistance.
The righteous horde is marching to another battle.
No fear.
Hate, anger and rage.
We are the Chosen Few.
Do not underestimate us.
Our true numbers are hidden.
For we are many.
Raise ten thousand fists high.
Let loose ten thousand voices.
The King will return.
The Mighty Host of Heaven will follow.
A mighty rage of angels.
Retribution is coming.
We will not bear a single mark.
We will see that you do.
The pit containing the Lake of Fire is open 
  and calling your name evil one.
Lucifer your light of the morning 
  has been snuffed out.
With all the torture and torment you caused 
  this world you will suffer forever more.
Victory is at hand people.
Oh, God's children rise, and rise again
  till lambs become lions.
Never retreat, push forward, never, NEVER give up!
I fight for you.
You fight for me.
We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
And so we fight, we fight on.
Whatever it takes.
By any means.
I will lay down my life for my friends if need be.
There's no greater love than this.
I know you will do the same.
Rise and rise again till lambs become lions.
Never, never give up.
Even in your weakness.
That's when God is strongest.
Even in doubt.
Jesus on the cross provided assurance.
So child, you and I can lay down to rest.
There is rest assured.
There is a refuge.
A tower of strength.
A mighty fortress is our King.
Love is our ally.
Undefeatable, unbreakable, invincible.
No resignation to the prevalent darkness 
  in our world.
No black, no white, and NO grey!
We will take this spark, we will ignite a flame
  we will set fire to this world.
We will take this world by storm.
Nothing will hold back the surge.
We advance, we mount an offense,
  no need for a defense.
We are brothers, we are sisters, we are the union.
The legion that will bring defeat to Legion.
Let the mighty shout rise up and spread.
We are standing, we are not going away,
  we will be counted.
We are the dead reckoning.
This is what it is all about, why we fight.
Love is the meaning of life.
Love is the key to living a meaningful life.
Love is worth living for.
Love is worth fighting for.
Love is worth dying for.
Love is all, love is everything.
This is our strength.
This is our resolve.
This is our inspiration.
Our battle cry: "FOR LOVE!!!"
There is no fear when love casts of fear.
There is hope.
There is faith.
There is love.
Love is the greatest.
We stand, we fall, we crawl, we rise,
  we march forward, we bring it.
We believe, and even Legion believes and trembles.
We are the lions that will slaughter.





I am broken.
I have been abused.
I have been raped.
My innocence gone.
Ripped from this fragile heart.
Still holding onto hope.
I believe hope will never let me down.
It's all I have.
Everything else has been taken.
Or did I give it all away?
I am afraid.
I tremble with fear.
Lies are all I have ever been told.
Lies are all that I know.
I am angry.
I am enraged.
Hate consumes me.
Shut up, just, SHUT UP!
I don't care.
I don't care.
Just how much is a man's heart supposed to endure?
My heart is crushed like one of glass.
See my blood trickling down to the ground.
I am slowly bleeding out.
Oh, why does it hurt to breathe.
Still I have my hope.
Meager as it is.
It's all that keeps me.
The past is fading.
The future is starting to shine.
I bask in the warmth of faith's light.
I will walk on, I will walk on.
I will press on, I will press on.
I will crawl if need be.
My hope keeps urging me on.
My faith is carrying me on.
I believe I will make it.
All that was the past has made me stronger.
Given me the will to fight through this hate and rage.
Love is strengthening me.
All that was lost.
All that was taken.
All that was surrendered.
I have been restored.
I have been renewed.
I have been revived.
Eternity is mine.
Salvation is mine.
No longer empty.
No longer lost.
No longer captive.
Though I still bear scars.
They're the story of my life.
Never forget or doomed to repeat.
These are my scars.



You tore me down.
You stood on my chest.
You held me there.
I could not move.
I could not breathe.
The pressure pushing down on me was immense.
I fought to get free, but the more I struggled
  the harder you held me down.
You had a smile scratched on your face.
Your eyes were dark pools of evil.
And I was afraid.
I feared for my very soul.
You already ripped out my heart.
Holding the still beating organ in  your hand.
My blood ran down your arm.
Falling to the already blood soaked ground.
I want to give up.
I'm not so sure it's worth it any more.
I've not the strength to put up any more fight.
I feel the life draining from me.
My features grow ashen.
But there's still a fire deep down within me.
It feeds the rage in me.
I fight back to my feet.
I take back my heart and soul.
You just laugh at me.
You call me small and insignificant.
Then why bother with me at all?
Do not answer, I don't want to hear
  any more of your lies.
You are vicious and fierce.
Once honey on my lips.
Now I see the poison that you are.
You'll no longer infect me.
I will cut you down.
I will wipe that ruby red smile from
  your beautiful face.
The face that seduced me a thousand times.
No more!
You've no more power over me.
Your spell is broken.
You can go back to the hell you came from.
This is my soul and I will keep it.
I will fight for it to the death.
For only my body will die.
My soul is eternal.
You can no longer hold me down.
I'm now the one who will push you down.
I will hold you there.
I will hold your head 'neath the surface of the sea.
Your horrible screams will not faze me.
I will laugh as you meet your demise.
Your master is calling you.
I'd hate to be you.
I am standing, I am walking away.
My gaze is fixed on the horizon.
In my heart and soul I know, oh I know,
  I am going home.
This is my journey.
Though I walk alone, I am not alone.
I can see a candle's light through the misty black.
How far to go I know not.
Just that I am going home.
And I will get there someday.
Never paying any more attention to you.
My dear, dear nemesis.
My toxic sweetheart.
You once had an iron grip on me.
But those bonds were loosed.
Now I am free!
This captive heart soars oh so high
  above the heavens.
I breathe in life.
I breathe in hope.
I breathe in faith.
I breathe in love.
I am alive, I am alive!
Rise on wings, soar on mighty wings.
I am alive!



I am fallen.
I have fallen.
The sky has come down on me.
My world crumbled down around me.
Now it's all in ruin.
Here I am crying.
With my own blood on my hands.
I am forced to face myself.
There's no more getting away with murder.
I am both victim and predator.
Chains wrap 'round my neck.
Slowly tightening.
Choking, suffocating.
I cannot move.
I am chained to this spot.
Whether I want it or not.
There's nothing for me to do.
I'd give up but I gave up a long time ago.
Fears and insecurities are numbing.
Everything I know is false.
All that I believed has become a lie.
I let myself down.
I betrayed myself.
Was anything ever true?
Was I only seeing an illusion?
It is so easy to be fooled.
When anger and hate cloud your vision.
Such is the case with this so-called life of mine.
I think I've gone from one lie to another.
I don't know which is worse.
Maybe I've got it all backwards.
Maybe I've got it all wrong.
Maybe I was lying to myself.
But were you telling me the truth?
Confusion creates chaos.
That's what my life is.
Anarchy of the soul.
Revolution and rebellion have killed many.
The biggest of all lies.
Righteousness in disarray.
I just cannot contemplate anything.
I try to speak.
But my voice is too hoarse.
So I continue to cry.
But these tears have become caustic.
My soul is poisoned.
The infection has spread to my heart.
My frayed heart strings have all unraveled.
I am falling all away.
But in the midst of all this shines a beacon
  that I see.
Calling to me.
Guiding me to safe harbour.
With jagged rocks on all sides and beneath.
I am cut, bruised and beat.
My heart is torn.
My soul is bleeding.
But I can feel the healing begin.
I am breathing again for the first time.
All that was is no more and what is
  no more is is once again.
My scorched wings unfurl.
I am the fallen.
But see me rise again from my own ashes.
The fire envelopes me.
It wraps around me.
But I do not burn.
I shine, I illuminate, I radiate.
I am fallen.
I have fallen.
I am risen.
I have risen.
Stand back, I am about to take flight
  on the wings of eagles.
I will soar, I will soar.
Even higher than angels.
I will explode like a firecracker.
I have become a star for all to see floating
  on the waves of the heavens.
I just want to shine back down on you.
My friend, my beloved, just look at me.
You too can shine.
You too can rise above.
Just close your eyes, you will see.
Let your mortal self go.
Let your spirit expand and grow.
Let go of all your mortal bonds.
Allow your feet to rise from the dust and dirt.
You have wings too.
And you can rise on those wings of eagles
Up above where even angels dare go. 
You can soar.
You can soar.
You can soar!



It's alright to cry.
Child, I am right there with you.
I am holding tight onto you. 
I'm not going to let you down,
It's not in my nature.
I so very much love you.
I gave away everything for you.
I followed you wherever.
Even when it led to the middle of nowhere.
So, child, it's alright to cry.
Let your tears fall down just like rain drops.
I will shelter you.
I will give you refuge.
My love covers you.
I left the ninety-nine for you.
That is just how much I love you.
All that you've said and done.
I do not care about.
My love for you is all that matters.
So go ahead and cry if you want to.
It's alright.
You are safe and warm wrapped 
  in my embrace.
Those tears, I will wipe dry.
Child, I love you.




I have made a mess of my life.
I have made more out of everything
  than I needed to.
Now I am lying here alone.
With tear stains on my face.
Etched there for all eternity.
I can still feel the burning sensation.
I have my eyes closed tight.
I don't want to see anything.
It all scares me to death.
This is an open grave I lie in.
Maybe if I wait long enough
  it will all go away.
But, you know, it never does.
In fact it gets bigger and bigger
  all of the time.
So I look to another.
Someone who will save me from myself.
For I am my own worst enemy.
Down on bloodied hands and knees.
Head hung low.
I cry, "please, please save me."
I cannot do this on my own.
I cannot continue on alone.
I have been broken for far too long.
I don't want this for myself.
I don't need this for myself.
I need You to take me away.
Take me away from myself.
To where I need to be.
To where I should be.
I need You to carry me.
Carry me up, out and away from here.
I have been entombed for too long.
Will You please set me free from myself.
Set me free from my own prison.
Will You kill me?
Will You bring me back to life again?
I believe if I just touch You I will be healed.
I believe if I can just get close enough to You
  I will be made whole again.
I am the water waiting to become wine.
I am the one who's faith You will say has
  healed me.
You are the way I want to go.
You are the truth I want to hear.
You are the life I want to live.
Will You please bring me to You.
I believe there is none other than You.
Jesus, You are the one I am talking about.
I believe in You, please, please, please save me.



I hear your voice in my mind.
The last time we talked.
So long ago.
What a shame.
You say I never call.
I say you never call either.
It seems we only talk when we have
  a difference to put out there.
I am just as much to blame as you are.
Who's right, who's wrong does not matter
  any more.
Did it ever?
Are the hurt feelings really worth it?
Just to be the one who's right.
We're both blind.
We're so far apart.
Why do our feelings have to get in the way?
Can we not just move on?
This can't be the end.
There has got to be more than all this.
Let the healing begin.
Let forgiveness take everything all away.
We both say "I love you."
If we both mean it.
Then moving on is possible.
Lay down our arms.
And learn to love again.
Learn to love...again.
This time forever...forever.



I watch the world.
I can't help but be mad at the world.
This is the world I know.
And it's a mad, mad world.
I can't help but be at war with the world.
I don't like what I see.
Anger and hate are too relevant.
That's so not okay.
But what can I do?
I am just one.
But one can easily be two.
Imagine the possibilities.
If one can be two then two can be more.
More can always be so much more.
I have hope.
I have faith.
I believe, oh, I believe.
I can imagine the possibilities.
I see a world where all love.
And love is all.
I know a single choice can lead to another.
Oh, just imagine.



It's so easy to be angry.
No one would blame you.
There're so many reasons to be anti.
This world is a negative place.
But it is what it is made to be.
You can make a difference.
If you want to.
Or you can just add to the darkness.
No one would blame you.
But, there is one thing you need
  to remember.
All along the way you are there.
In everything you say and do.
And you know better.
You will be the one who blames you.
All that has hurt you you have allowed.
And you know it!
That's why there are tears 
  welling up in your eyes.
So take heed of yourself.
The only one you hurt is yourself.
No matter how hard you try to shift the blame.
It's too easy to live bitter.
Life is too short though.
It always all comes back down on you.
Those are your tears you are drowning in.
Those are your hands holding you under.
What will you do now?
Will you continue on ignoring it all?
But remember that the longer you ignore
  the bigger everything gets.
You have no one to blame but you.
But you can still rise above.
You are above it all.
You are better than this misery.
No one would blame you.
No one really cares though.
They have their own blindness.
You have your life.
This is your life!
What you do with it is all up to you.
You can fill the cup the rest of the way.
Or you can drain the cup the rest of the way.
Rise or fall.
Be angry, be bitter, be miserable, or be better.
So much more than the sum of all these.
You are so much more.
Stand on the ground, or rise above.
You can soar.
You will never come back down. 
Doesn't that just change everything for you?
You can always start over.
Live, laugh, love, forgive.
What would happen to this world
  if everyone thought like this?
What if...?



This world does not know that I am alive.
That suits me just fine.
For too long the world has been a thorn
  in my side.
The torrent that washed over me.
The torrent that washed me away.
I am the forgotten.
I am the forsaken.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Go on leave me behind.
Just leave me be.
You killed me.
Now I am alive.
Brought back to life.
Not the same old dead life.
I am alive.
I see the light shining on me.
Lifting me up and away.
I am breathing.
I will let go of everything you had for me.
It all did me in anyway.
I will now expand.
I will grow.
There will be no limits on me.
There are no boundaries to keep me.
I will never be bound again.
You will never know me.
You will never see me.
I stand in your midst.
But you will know me.
You will see me.
I am alive.
You are dead.



Here I am.
Heavy burdened, heavyhearted.
Choking on tears.
I cannot help but be scared.
I am only human after all.
I am trying to deal with
  the impossible in an impossible world.
I came crashing down, crashing down hard.
And then there was what came back around.
Still I will rise and rise again.
I am not ready to give up now.
Honestly I am afraid to.
So I will do what I need to to survive.
I am still confident I will find my way.
As long as it leads to You.
This man is broken.
I have lost so much of myself along the way.
Somehow I have always believed
  You were right here with me.
Picking up all the pieces that I lost.
You are slowly putting me back together.
One day I will stand again.
I will be whole again.
This is the longing of my feeble heart.
This is what is beneath my scars.



Tears will fall.
As they do, so too fears.
To be torn apart.
Is to be be put back together.
To lose it all.
Is to gain.
That's how life goes.
Pain means there will be healing.
Dark times always lead to the light.
Stand and fall and stand again.
Look at where you were.
Look at where you are now.
Haven't you come so far?
Did you know you were never alone?
Someone was always there.
Even when it just seemed like no one was.
Have you ever closed your eyes
  wishing everything would just go away?
I know I have, oh, I have!
I came to realize that the only constant
  was change.
What hurt me only made me stronger.
It took so long for me to see that.
I was always getting in the way.
I lied to myself.
This fight I was fighting was a lost one.
I know that this is my life.
It might not turn out the same for you.
Nothing is typical.
Results may vary, they usually do.
Life is funny that way.
But one thing is the same for us all.
There is a choice for everyone to make.
Each and every one will eventually have to
  make a choice.
There is no getting away from it.
To choose to not to choose is a choice.
And comes with a consequence.
As with everything.
You don't have to be alone on your journey.
We all need someone.
Someone to hold our hand and to tell
  us it's going to be okay.
Even if it isn't going to be.
That's not a lie.
For everything works out for the good
  in the end.
Oh I promise.
I've been there before.
I found my way out. 
So can you. 
You need just to believe.
And that's everything.
Oh my friend you can still believe.
I know there is someone worth still believing in.
You can still get it right.
Belief is the only thing that will bring you to it.
Bring you to it and bring you out of it.
But I can only tell you.
It's all up to you to choose.
Just reach out your shaking hand.
It's still not too late.
Someone is there waiting for you.
Just for you.
Love is there, there for you.
Even though it doesn't seem that there is.
Life can be so hard.
Desperation can blind.
Anger makes all it touches bitter.
Hate is a swallowing black hole.
This I know all too well.
I made it out.
So can you.
I know it!
The choice is all yours to make.
You can make it.
You can.



So many are crying out.
Crying out to be saved.
They are empty and desolate.
Possibilities are impossibilities.
The veil of hopelessness hangs heavy.
They are enveloped by despair.
So many lives are in ruin.
One day is no different from the next.
Anger breeds anger.
Violence breeds violence.
Will grace ever prevail?
Will faith suffice?
It's impossible to say.
When all is shrouded in darkness.
The harbinger of doom rides.
Impale one and all.
The corpses pile higher and higher still.
Decay weighs heavy on the air.
The cries of the dying crescendo.
Vultures circle overhead.
I cannot believe this is the sum of everything.
Death is not complete, no, not yet!
Death is the only mortal.
Hope is rising.
Bringing the light of a new day.
I still believe the dying can be saved.
Talking isn't going to do it.
Take that will and make a way.
I was once dead.
Now am alive.
Comfort allowed the culminating of healing.
The dying need to know there is hope.
There is comfort for the afflicted.
There is freedom from self.
There is freedom.



If love never fails.
Then where is the love?
So many lost souls.
They just don't know any better.
Who is going to tell them?
Who is going to show them?
The road home is clear.
Although crooked.
Shrouded in haze.
The pollution of this world 
  covers everything.
Everyone is living a lie.
Everyone is living in fear.
We all fight to hold on.
We fight to let go.
Life is the paradox.
Damned if you do. 
Damned if you don't.
And the evil that men do is so prevalent.
This is not how it was meant to be.
We went horribly wrong somewhere a long the way.
Or was it right from the very beginning.
Call mankind ignorant.
But we all know better.
Make no excuse.
We all have sinned.
We all stand naked before God.
He alone knows the heart of a man.
And we all should fear that.
This is the fear of God.
Think you are righteous?
I have to question that.
I have to question myself.
And no matter how much we protest.
Mo matter how much we do.
No matter how much we talk.
The question will always remain.
Is it well with you?
God will still ask you at the end of your days...
"My son what did you do with what
   I gave to you?"
Better ask yourself this.
I will ask myself this.
Did I love?
Did I love?
Did I love as He loved?



Come to me.
Come at me.
Push me, push me, push me.
Pull me down.
Drag me down.
Bend me, but I will not break.
This is my ground.
It's not much, but I mean to keep it.
I will stand my ground.
I am digging in.
I am in it for the long haul.
As long as it takes.
Whatever it takes.
By any means.
I pity you.
You have lost even before you have begun.
But that will not deter me.
My resolve is stronger than ever.
Look at my eyes, stone cold.
I will raze all Hell.
Come to me.
Come at me.
Come, bring it!

SCOTT DAVID BUCKLEY-(22/09/09/2012)


The world is hopeless.
I choose to hold onto hope.
My salvation allows me that.
It's all I have left in this forsaken place.
I am covered with faith.
A faith that is not false.
No matter what you say to me.
You are a liar.
You will not deceive me.
I will not let you.
No matter what form you take.
I will always see you.
You and who you are.
You are cold.
You are dark.
You are false.
You are anti.
I am above you.
You are the dirt 'neath the dirt 'neath my feet.
I will call you by your name, Legion.
All that I am is in the Lord.
Who I am is in the Lord.
And thus rests my hope.
I am assured.
I will witness you thrown into the Lake of Fire.
There you will suffer the torment you caused
  this world for so long for all eternity.



I feel an overwhelming sense of 
  impending doom.
I watch the scorched skies overhead.
I am waiting for them to be rent.
I am waiting for the coming fire to fall.
Razing all that man has built to the ground.
Returning it to dust.
The evil that men do will know retribution.
There will be no more denying.
There will be no more excuses to make.
Whether you believe is moot.
God knows your heart.
Have you spent your whole life believing in vain?
God kept account of everything.
And will judge accordingly.
You will know just what it is to be afraid.
Like nothing you have ever known before.
All will burn.
The stench of decay will become the air you breathe.
The poison you all will ingest.
You will absorb.
You will be saturated.
The world and all the nations will know
  once and for all.
That Jesus Christ is truly Lord over all.
Bow your heads all you heathens.
As the axe of the Lion falls upon you.



The tide is rising.
Time is running out.
There is no more borrowing.
Debts will come due.
This is your final notice.
There is no more pretending.
No more avoiding.
Nothing is going away.
The sky is falling.
All will be laid to ruins.
This generation will not be remembered.
We never really did exist in the first place.
As we do not in the last place.
We all will be vanishing.




Through the driving rain.
Hold fast.
Stay steady.
Through the hail and the fire.
Hold on.
Hold out.
Through the rage and the doubt.
Push on.
Push forward.
Never ceasing.
Never relenting.
Not for one blink of an eye.
Onward, onward, onward...
  upward, upward, upward...



It's the fanatics that make the loudest noise.
They cannot be ignored.
Without risk nothing would be gained.
Without servitude love would never grow.
Love would never be known.
Sometimes it's the blind who see the most clearly.
It's the gullible who's faith is strongest.
For when you are pulled down.
It's then you can rise the highest.
Even fools can reap of the harvest.
For they often sow the most seed.
It just goes unnoticed by the crowd.
These are the unsung.
Still they exist.
Even though in visible silence.
I say to the so-called "least of these."
You will rise above it all.
You will soar far beyond the heavens.
You are the true.
You are the strong.
You are the bold.
I for one, salute you!
As I humbly, quietly, slip among your ranks.



Press on, press on.
No matter how hard the resistance.
Press on, press on.
Even to the very end.
Press on, press on.




I am  surrounded by a ring of fire.
My heart is raging.
My soul breathes in Your burning oxygen.
I am seard by Your heat.
I am filled by Your Spirit.
My feet leave this ground.
I soar up beyond all the heavens.
Even higher than all the angels.
Your light is blinding.
Your love is all that I can see.
Oh, You are the only one.
All that this weary man needs.
Oh, Godspeed.
I will reach out for You.
You gave life to me.
And oh so much more than even I know.
I will let it all go.
Just so I can hold on.
I will die.
Just so I can live.
I will rise.
I will orbit You.
Round and around and around...
I am Your satellite.
I put all my hope with You.
My faith is in You wholly, solely.
I take this chance.
You will be my reward.
Oh, burn, burn, burn, burn...



I am lost in You.
I have fallen into You.
I am saturated with Your love.
I can't help but to radiate You.
You are illumination.
The eternal flame.
This is who I am.
You define me.
Where I end is where You begin.
You are my immortal.
I will follow You to eternity.
You are a beacon of hope.
A candle of comfort.
The star shining overhead.
Guiding me to where I need to be.
In You I will not be afraid.
You are my portion.
You are my lot in life.
I have been taken.
You take my breath away.
You order my footsteps.
I chase after You.
You are where I am.
Safe in Your embrace.
I am lost in You.



I still remember you.
I still see your smile.
Bigger than the world and life.
I still see your tear stained heart that
  you wore on your sleeve.
I saw the poison arrow that pierced your soul.
Then I saw the bow in my hand.
There was blood on my hands.
You just wanted to live, laugh and love.
But it is hard to do when no one gives 
  you any of these.
You were far from perfect, still you kept
  on trying.
You did the best you could.
Even though those around you said 
  your best was not enough.
I wish I could take back all that I said to you.
I wish I could take back all that I did
  that killed you inside.
I was the poison you breathed in.
But all this no longer matters.
These days are done and gone.
I can't continue to hold on to any of these.
They are burdens that will crush me beneath.
Good-bye, so long.
I will still remember you.
I will still remember your smile.
I will still remember your ability to love.
You will live in my heart eternally.



The pieces are scattered all around.
There is a missing peace.
This world keeps moving on.
The ever passing moment has gone already.
Did I miss something?
Is there something I have forgotten?
Endlessly I wonder.
Or is it wander?
Either way I am just looking for answers.
I still haven't found what I am looking for.
Still I sojourn on.
Not exactly sure of what it is I search for.
Meanwhile life has moved on down the road.
I am forgotten again.
Prodigal and forsaken.
Life waits for no one.
One has to live it while there is still a chance.
Once it is gone it's too late.
There are no second chances.
Life forgives no one.
You need to decide, do or do not.
And don't wait for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
Someday never comes.
The choice is the same for everyone.
Hesitate and it all gets worse.
Falling in.
Falling down.
Rise and rise again.
Stand tall and be counted.
I've no where else to go.
So I must fight to hold my ground.
This foreign world will not continue
 to oppress me.
I am slave to no one.
This life is my own.
And I mean to keep it.
I cannot let life get away from me.
I cannot allow a single moment to go.
I cannot wait standing on the sidelines.
Waiting is a double edged knife that cuts
  long and deep.
It is an infection that will spread 
  and consume.
But I will face it head on.
With a smile on my face.
Life is one big beautiful mess.
A sweetness on my lips.
I need to live this life before it is done.
For when it is done there is no
  starting again.
The end is looming on the horizon.
The journey will soon reach a destination.
And all the pain will be worth it.




I cry out only to hear silence.
The only sound is the beating of my heart.
And that has grown faint.
I am consumed.
The pressure continues to grow.
I can't do this alone.
And I find myself overwhelmed.
I reach out a weathered hand.
Only to grasp empty air.
My cries echo in my mind.
Pushing me to the brink.
This is life and death for me.
It's all driving me mad.
As the silence pushes me under.
How can I even have any hope with this?
So I turn away.
Closing my eyes.
Let the eternal sleep claim me.
As alone here I lay.
Prayers have all fallen to the dry ground.
The light has grown dim.
I can breathe no more.
I no longer exist.
Did I ever?




Faceless and no more.
Hidden, out of sight.
Visible to no one.
But I see it all.
I know all.
There I am in the middle.
Fear grips me, squeezing slow.
The light grows dim.
Darkness swallows me.
As I slip beneath the crashing waves.
Making no sound.
As I am swept away.
To be no more.




I can feel You near.
I can feel You here.
I can feel You right here!
So far away.
And yet, never too far away.
You're in my heart.
You're in my soul.
You have a hold on me.
Your grip is iron.
Yet Your grasp is that of silk.
I can finally breathe.
My heart can finally breathe.
Open me up wide...breathe new life into me!
I am alive!
Oh so alive!
You are that life that is in me.
That is what You've given to me.
Life eternally!
That is what You are to me.
Right here!
Life within me.
Life all around me.
This is life!