I fall, You lift me up.
I fail, You give me the strength to keep trying.
I get lost, You find me.
I wander astray, You come for me.
I cry out, You hear me.
I hurt, You comfort me.
I cry, You wipe away the tears.
I fall into chaos, You become a voice of reason.
I feel alone, You love me.
No matter what, You are with me.


PSALM 7:10
My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart.


  1. Hi Scott: Love the blog redo. And that is a beautiful image for your poem. Makes me want to walk there. Wonderful words about how God never leaves us.

    1. Hey Sandi, dear friend.
      Thank you, it took me a few days to get things to where I was happy with it, ever the perfectionist, I'll play the ADHD card here. lol
      That image is actually the post thumbnail for all of the posts, being representative of The Poet Mind.
      As I see it, life is a journey, followed on through my heart, soul and mind.
      Never knowing what's in store for the future.
      And it can be a little scary at times.
      That's what I see in The Poet Mind.
      Telling a story based not on specifically my life but based also on how I see others life, life in general, the world, human nature. With all coming together in my personal, intimate relationship with God.
      That's really what all, every single one, poem is about.
      It's not about me, it's all about God. Even the dark ones, the confrontive ones, the questioning ones, the angry ones and positive and warm ones.
      As with any relationship, I need to express myself. I, in turn, need to be ready for the consequences of that.
      That's obedience in God, or as the OT says; fearing God.
      I can almost say all these poems I write are all one in the same, taking me and everyone who reads them, whether they understand or not, on a journey through the thick forest that is life. Which is why I chose the image I did to represent The Poet Mind.
      Once again, thanks for all the continuing kind encouragement and love.
      I guess, I can almost call you my muse.


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