These poems are called free-verse poems. Meaning they don't rhyme. 
I describe free-verse as written words that flow like that of one's thoughts.
   I write in the first person, or in an autobiographical style. Never meant to be taken in a literal sense.
   Subject matter tends to be of dark nature, but I only seek to empower and maybe even inspire.
   Yes, the subject matter is graphic at times, but that only reflects what life is like, life is completely graphic.
   I would not be very honest if I portray life in any other way.
   My writing is intense, passionate, honest, real, undiluted, and so on.
   I base my poems on subject matter such as, mental illness, which can include many subjects like certain illnesses themselves, suicide, cutting, self-harm, self-destructiveness.
   I take the reader right into the heart of what I am writing about.
   Yes, some of my poems can seem like, well, stark, cold, condemning, and self-pitying.
   Other subjects I write about are my life views and my world views.
   I also write about my relationship with God and my own sin.
   Not everyone understands my writing style, and that's okay. I don't expect everyone to, but at least I expect the benefit of the doubt.
   What I write about in my poems is not for everyone. Quite a few of them or more are definitely not for the faint of heart, no offense intended.
   All my poems are true to reality as I see it.
   If people don't like it, or won't like it, that's okay, it's their choice.
   To them, I suggest to just move on.
   Everything i write about comes from my heart, soul and mind.
   There is a little of me in each poem I write.

   I can only hope that the reader takes something away from their reading experience, whichever that may be.
   I seek to educate, to communicate, and illustrate.
   What's going on in life and the world and in people cannot be ignored, we cannot continue to turn a blind eye.
   That doesn't make things better, remaining self induced ignorant.
   Feeling good about everything, feeling like thinking positively is going to make everything all right and perfect. And that is just plain delusional and self deceptiveness.
   The truth does hurt sometimes, but that doesn't mean we can all just ignore it and try to pretend that it doesn't hurt.
    Yes, I do see good in life and the world.
   I do believe there is good in everyone.
   I do believe in hope, faith, and love.

   Not everything I write is dark and gloomy.
   I do write about everything I mentioned in the above paragraph.

   It all depends on what the Holy Spirit puts on my heart to write.

   Thank you for reading my poems.

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