Today, is a new day.
To embark on a new adventure.
To take in new sounds.
To take in new sights.
To take in new smells.
Today, is a new day.
To be alive.
To reach out and take hold.
To start anew again.
And again, and again.
Today, is a new day.
Open up and swallow life.
Take it in.
Carry it down.
Let bloom, let live.
Bring sunshine to what is dark.
My child, today, is a new day.




Darkness was my shroud.
My veil was hung high.
My eyes, oh how they bled.
My heart was pierced.
Then I was hit.
By an arrow so true to its mark.
I was taken by love.
I was set free.
The shadow was lifted from me.
Lightning empowered my soul.
I did rise.
I met my Lord face to face.
His glory I did behold.
My Beloved, my Beloved!
From the valley to the mountain.
My journey to truth now complete.
I no longer am unto myself.
Standing on my knees.
I fight and starve no more.
No longer poor of soul.
Light is now my shroud.
My veil is torn.
Mine eyes are open only unto Thee.
My heart, pierced by love on high.
The war is over!
Victory is given to the Lord.
Victory is taken by the Lord.




I don't want to close my eyes.
And say good-bye.
I don't want to let you go.
Leaving you out of my life.
The pain is too much to bear.
Don't turn me away.
You don't see my agony.
These tears are like acid.
Corrosive and caustic.
Do you really want to kill me?
Do you really want to throw me 
  to the waste?
It's just too much to take all in.
The misery of it all.
I have been bled dry.
An empty lost soul.
I don't want this to be the end.
Because it will surely be my demise.
So bury me deep.
Set me ablaze in a funeral pyre.
Lie to me some more.
Do you really believe it all?
Have you lied to you as well?
But I will carry this.
Till it becomes my death.
Even though I have already died.
So put me to flame.
And watch me rise from the ashes.
To become my phoenix.
I will not close my eyes.
I will not say good-bye.
I will not let me die.
This is all that will burn.
I do not care what is true any more.
I will not wear this veil.
I will surely bleed my eyes.
As I silently scream my cries.
And welcome me home to hell.
Now close my eyes.
Now say good-bye.
The last, the end.




I am defiance.
I am resistance.
I am anger.
I am wrath.
I am hate.
I am strength.
I am many.
I am invasion.
I am doom.
I am defeat.
I am end.




My tears flow free.
As I fall down again.
I know, oh I know.
The pain my sin brings.
Trying to stand.
I always end up down on my knees.
My eyes behold the grace and love.
That falls down to cover me.
I am just a fallen lost soul.
What is this that comes for me?
A Saviour, a Redeemer?!
Messiah and Lord of all!
And I cannot help but to proclaim.
Revival's fire burns hot and bright.
There is just no denying.
The baptism in fire ignites.
There is just no escaping.
Love's bite sinks deep.
All the scar tissue is burned away.
All the scars take on the brilliance of healing.
And the triumphant horns blow.
They blow for all eternity.
There is no bliss in ignorance.
Bliss needs to shine.
Let loose the Mighty Rushing Wind.
This is the testimony I bring humbly.
For I am not my own.
My heart belongs to the One who made me.
I was born to profess of His glory.
To tell of His mighty deeds.
That light falls down on me.
Love reigns forever more over me.
My sin has brought me here.
There is comfort in my agony.
Oh you need to see.
Oh you need to hear.
Just what forgiveness' healing has done.
And this is what is to be told.




You mean so much to me.
So much and more.
You are so much to me.
So much and more.
I don't even know where to start.
You have given so much to me.
You have done so much for me.
I don't deserve any of it.
I am more than just unworthy.
Down on my hands and knees.
For I know, oh I know just how 
  guilty I am.
Still You pardoned me.
Took all my crimes as Your own.
Wiped away all my tears.
And quieted all my fears.
I owe everything that I am to You.
I owe all who I am to You.
My Lord, my Lord.
My Saviour, my Saviour.
You take my breath away.
You sweep me up off of my feet.
My heart I give to You.
My soul I give to You.
For You are worthy.
With arms wide open You welcome me in.
Lord You are the One I want to see.
You are the One I want to be with.
I end with You.
I begin with You.
You are where I want to be.
My first love.
My only love.
I have fallen for You.
I have fallen into You.
You are my rapture.
My 1000 years of peace.
Alpha and Omega.




You are the air I breathe.
The beating of my heart.
And the whisper in my ear.
You made in me love, out of nothing at all.
You lifted me up.
Gave me wings.
Putting me where I belong.
You are in me.
I am in You.
So high above.
Yet never out of reach.
Oh Lord you are so beautiful.
And I love You Lord.
Please take me as I am.
And make me who You are.
I want to love as You do.
You are all that I am not.
Everything I need to be.
Words escape me.
As I behold You as You.




When the tears fall like rain.
I feel so very alone.
I know that there is no shame in mourning.
And it is okay to show the pain and sorrow.
But these lines on my face sting so.
Those tears that fall burn.
Leaving a weeping scar.
I cannot hide this pain deep inside
  any more.
I need to shed this skin.
And try to start anew.
This will only last till the morrow.
And with the coming of the new dawn.
The sun will shine down on me again.
I hang onto this hope.
I pray that I will never let go.
When the tears fall like rain...




I see the darkness in me.
I see the pain devouring me.
I feel love's bite.
I feel the warmth of the crimson flow.
I hear sorrow's call.
I hear despair's cry.
I know the lie suffocating me.
I know the numbness betraying me.
I take it all as it is.
I take it all as my own.
I touch the coldness of anger.
And I touch the unsurity of if...



I am the fallen.
I am the lost.
I am the forgotten.
I am the damned.
I am harboured in darkness.
I am the impending doom.
I am the blood turned to ice.
I am the silent scream.
I am the untold wrath.
I am the empty.
I am the hollow.
I am the pain of love.
I am the deep rooted fear.
I am the call.
I am the cry.
I am the timid.
I am the ashamed.
I am me.
I am you.



There was this little child.
Lost, alone, and hungry.
Dirt marred his little face.
Except where there were tear lines.
No one could see him.
Or rather no one would see him.
He was the forgotten.
He was invisible or was he in visible?
Oh how he cried and cried.
He has a lonely heart.
An empty heart.
A broken heart.
All he wants is to go home.
All he wants is to have a home.
All he really wants is a place to lay his little head.
Oh God, is this too much to ask?
Who will love this little broken child?
 Hearts are so cold.
How long, how long till he is known, 
  no longer forgotten?
Oh God, when will these questions have answers?
He deserves so much more than this.
Oh God, is this too much to ask again?



I just cannot believe it.
It seems too far fetched.
And too good to be true.
Oh how He loves me.
It is beyond my understanding.
So high above me.
On my knees, I am unworthy.
Oh how He loves me.



Fear is the silent killer.
A kind of thief in the night.
It is but a whisper.
You would never know it
  was there till it was too late.
All consuming.
Ever abusing.
It will become your heart and soul.
Never giving thought 
  to when or where.
It will take hold and never let go.
You will come to hate it.
And you will come to hate yourself.
Memories are now scorched.
Ashes that are taken away by the wind.
They all become the never.
And so everything draws to a close.
You are bleeding out and don't even see it.



Little white lies in my hands.
I take them.
I swallow them.
They replace one lie for another lie.
And I am believing.
But I am seeing a whole other reality.
I begin to see it quite clearly.
Turned it inside out.
The light at the end.
Is the light at the beginning.
Kill me, kill me, kill me.
Only temporary.
There is hope beyond.
Oh how I know.
Oh how I know.
I believe, I believe.
There is no salvation for me.