I cannot say what is right.
I cannot say what is wrong.
It is up to the individual.
The choice is theirs.
They will walk their own steps.
And reach for their own heights.
Falling to pick themselves up.
Hopes are theirs.
Dreams are theirs.
To make their own reality.
Who's to say any different?
Who's is it to judge?
That you presume to know any better.
Stand back, and let walk.
Let talk.
And let live.
They are their own.
Their own passions.
Their own beliefs.
To be who they want.
To think what they want.
There should be no condemnation.
There should be no admonishing.
None can be critical.
None can be judicial.
Life is one's own.
Lived as one's own.
Answering to no one.
Justifying to no one.
I cannot see as them.
I cannot view as them.
For I am my own.
As my own.
I am just me.
I am the only one I know.
You go, I will go.
You on your path.
Me on mine.
The world turns as it wills.
Powered by the people.
See they.
See you.
See me.
Making us we.
We are our own.
We are on our own.
None to speak of any.
None to say any.
What is for?
What is against?
You ask you.
I ask me.
Who's life do we lead?
Who's life do we live?
Who's life?

(Scott David Buckley-30/03/2012)



Lock me away.
Throw away the key.
You want me gone.
So you can forget.
You don't want to think about me.
For I am you.
I am your fear.
Inside you scream.
But those screams fall upon deaf ears.
Hide me away.
Call me a figment of your imagination.
You will never admit.
You believe your own lies.
You cannot accept.
That there is weakness.
So you go on pretending.
That I do not exist.

(Scott David Buckley-28/03/2012)


Then comes the fallout.
Falling down as black rain.
Bringing down fire.
Hopes are lost.
With darkness as graves.
Taken down.
Shallow and hollow.
Skulls are crushed.
Black blood, caustic.
It is wrenching.
A sight unseen.
Howling are the winds of doom.
Cold, frozen to the bone.
Sacrificial martyr.
We are the undead.
Empty of souls.
Heart of wax in a molten world.
In a harbour of despair.
The war of the ages has come.
Soon the Kingdom to come.
Do not hold out.
Do not hesitate.
The morrow brings our fate.
And this is now.

(Scott David Buckley-28/03/2012)



Oh the stories I have heard.
Oh the stories I have written.
Now my pen bleeds.
The dream has become nightmare.
This fairytale is illusive.
Throw it into the inferno.
It has become a funeral pyre.
And there won't be any ashes left.
Consumed and assumed.
Close my eyes to see.
Grace has come.
But I have gone away.
Faith to faith.
Tears are swallowing.
Tear away the scars.
Hope is devoured.
Shed this weathered covering.
Let it be carried away on the wind.
Like chaff thrown.
Lower me down.
Let me be dust covering.
The cob webs spread.
Where have I been?
Where am I?
Where will I be?

(Scott David Buckley-27/03/2012)


My voice is broken.
Bruised and abused.
My mind is scorched.
And I am crumbling in on myself.
There is no hope.
The avalanche buries me.
I am just pulverised debris.
The day is drawing to a close.
And the silence is madness.
I cannot write this down.
I have taken myself.
Cut myself off just to bleed in solitude.
I am fading.
I am burning out.
See these lines in my skin.
They are a map to my infirmities.
Cast me off.
I will bleed.
No more.
Never more.
The razor traces my tears.
Watch me bleed out.
Water me down.
Oh consequence.
Judge me now.
Apathy, empathy, what's the difference?
Close my eyes now.
Turn out the lights.
Say good-bye.

(Scott David Buckley-27/03/2012)


Taken out.
Taken down.
Give up.
Give in.
Cut off.
Cut up.

(Scott David Buckley-27/03/2012)



Lay me down this time.
Open me up, my heart to bare.
Cut me deep.
See me bleed.
You are a thorn in my soul.
Nails hammered deep.
My cries are silence.
Oh the horror of it all.
This is torment.
This is torture.
Some may call it life.
But then, they gave up a long time ago.
I will not break that easily.
I will bear the curse proud.
And spit on the face of death.
Your time has come.
This will be your end.
As I rise again.
I will stand above.
I will look down upon you.
Watch as a smile lights my face.
The curse is no longer mine.
Divine retribution will be the hammer brought
  down on you.
Now comes your end.

(Scott David Buckley-26/03/2012)



Lines on my skin.
I try to burn the pain away.
Etched deep into my flesh.
The reminder of the chaos in my mind.
Take the razor to the skin.
Expose the cries of torment inside.
Silence screams.
I just want to cut all the dark away.
No more to touch this empty heart and soul of mine.
The torment is infinite.
I am disposable.
Left to fester and rot.
Breathe in the decay.
As I devour myself.
This is an omen.
Cries are silent in their retching.
All this madness swallows me.
As my heart beats as a fist.
And the murder of life victimizes me again.
The razor cuts and burns.
As I witness the crimson trail trace down my 
Hope deleted.
This is the field I will die upon.
The scorching of all faith.
Let the memories claim me again.
Perfection of release.
The lies I am consumed of.
Oh so far away.
Life is a separation. 
Isolate the fear inside me.
Rid myself of any remnant of joy.
Bury myself in the cold earth.
Alive in death.
Close me to the fate that comes for me.
My mind is choked with weeds.
The poison spreads and burns.
I've pulled myself apart.
I've pulled myself down.
Deep down in the swamps of my soul.
I reach for what I used to know.
As the reaper comes for me.
Calling my hollow name.
Breathe, I just need to breathe.
Inject the new poison.
Leave me here.
Forgotten to the end times.
I fight to within a hair of my former self.
Please rid me of me.
Flush me away.
Carry me down.
The sun is falling as the night rises.
Cut me off.
This is the closing.
I cannot, cannot no more.
You will see me.
You will not grieve me.
I am hollow.
I am invisible to time.
As I sit slumped in visible silence.
I will fall.
Fall into the nothingness.
The darkness and despair couples.

(Scott David Buckley-24/03/2012)


Oh to be free again.
To see the blue sky.
To fly with the angels.
To sing with the birds of the morning.
To feel the cool breeze upon my cheek.
Oh to be free again.

(Scott David Buckley-24/03/2012)



As the rain starts to fall.
I wade out into the waters.
Struggling to remain afloat.
And just to keep my head 'bove the waves.
Fear is so easy at hand.
It weighs me down so heavy.
Dragging me 'neath the raging storm.
But there is a calm.
Like none I've ever known past ways.
And hope come from within.
To stand on the rising swells.
The fear melts away with the waters.
I begin to float on air so sweet.
I no longer swallow that which sees me drown.
And I can breathe in deep again.
For I am held tight, deep in the arms of a Saviour.

(Scott David Buckley-18/03/2012)



I just want to be.
I just want to let be.
Just let me be me.
I can stand and soar.
Soar up above all the heavens.
I will soar right through a star.
I am the light.
I am the sparkle.
This I know.
This I am.
My wings will never burn or melt.
I will soar straight through a sun.
I am the flame.
I am the fire.
I am the storm.
The earth is foreign to me.
I am rage.
I am chaos.
I am order.
I breathe in.
I expand.
I grow.
I soar.
I soar.
I soar.

(Scott David Buckley-16/03/2012)



Staring at the dark.
Feeling it surround.
The cold penetrates.
And despair is ingested.
The silence is screaming.
Pushing me over the brink
  to lunacy.
I cannot bear the lose of
  my lucidity.
I am just so very tired.
The tears I swallowed 
  are bearing me down.
The silent echoes are deafening.
My full wrath is loosed upon me.
The rage is never satisfied.
Is this my end?
Will there be more of nothing?
I am so very cold.
I just want to go home.
Can I please come home?
And I no longer care.
Do not tell me who I am.
Do not tell me I am wrong.
The truth is inevitable I know.
You cannot see that it's killing me.
I might as well be dead.
Am I dead all ready?
No hope to be taken away.
I gave that up a long, long time ago.
Still it was ripped from me.
Taking from nothing leaves nothing.
Nothing I am.
Wrap me in a black leather shroud.
Drop me in the cold dark earth.
Where I will escape this living hell.
But there is no end for me.
Bury me now.
Bury me down.
Bury me drown.
With no reason.
With no why.
With no care.
Mourn no more.
Cry no more.
Live no more.
Die no more.
Sinking without within.

(Scott David Buckley-10/03/2012)



My heart is breathing.
Breathing in new life.
I feel so alive.
So alive for the first time.
Hope is rising.
Rising for the soaring.
Leaving the behind.
The behind so far aback.
Scared skin opens.
Opens for the healing.
My soul is burning.
Burning what I fear away.
My broken falls to tears.
Tears that are cleansing.
Faith breaks any bounds.
Bounds that build the walls.
And so comes dawn. 
Dawn becomes day.
My heart is breathing.

(Scott David Buckley, 09/03/2012)