Lay me down this time.
Open me up, my heart to bare.
Cut me deep.
See me bleed.
You are a thorn in my soul.
Nails hammered deep.
My cries are silence.
Oh the horror of it all.
This is torment.
This is torture.
Some may call it life.
But then, they gave up a long time ago.
I will not break that easily.
I will bear the curse proud.
And spit on the face of death.
Your time has come.
This will be your end.
As I rise again.
I will stand above.
I will look down upon you.
Watch as a smile lights my face.
The curse is no longer mine.
Divine retribution will be the hammer brought
  down on you.
Now comes your end.

(Scott David Buckley-26/03/2012)

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