Stand, hold your ground!
It's your ground, don't let any one take it.
You have the strength.
Reach deep down inside yourself.
It's there and so much more.
There is courage.
There is resolve.
There is belief.
Do not be afraid to be you.
You can be taken down, but no one can hold you 
Rise, rise again.
If pushed, push back.
No one has the right to take your life
  away  from you.
It's yours, so keep it!
There is no backing down.
There is no backing up.
Retreat is not an option.
No living to fight another day.
This is where you are, here and now.
Time to take a stand, take a stand for yourself.
Like only you can.
There is a flame within you.
Blow that flame into a burning fire, 
  a raging inferno.
You are strong enough to fight.
Stand, hold your ground!


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