I am no hero.
I am just a failure.
Lost and afraid.
I am a liar and a thief.
I have sinned greatly.
I will let you down.
I will hurt you.
I will rip out your heart.
And not even care.
I am selfish.
Call me self-centered.
A sociopath.
A psychopath.
I have known self hate.
I will hate you.
I feel rage.
I am violent.
I am damage.
I will bring you down.
I will pull you down.
My mouth is an open and empty grave.
Waiting to devour.
See me for who I am.
Know me for who I am.
Be wary of me.
Be ever vigilant.
Something wicked this way comes.




Here I lay.
Quietly in the dark.
All is silent.
Or so I thought.
I think...
But my restless spirit is awake.
The stillness of the night is no more.
Oh God, take me away.
Take me away from myself.
Leave me far behind.
Lay me down one more time.
Not on this bed of nails.
I cry out for peace.
As I drown in my own pain.
I open up just to swallow myself.
Watching as down I go.
Deep down below.
So I rise.
Wander off lost in myself.
Not wanting a bit of it.
Instead just to lay here.
As I close my eyes.
Let sleep take me please.
Far away from here.
Shrouded in my dreams.
And no more fear.
Come visit me my dear.
I so want you near.
You can have me now.
Please take me now.
My feelings matter not anyhow.
Close me down.
Let the clouds be my pillows.
Let the stars sing another sweet lullaby.
As I shut my eyes one last time.
While here I lay.