In life I have searched for something 
   that was elusive.
Description so vague.
A ghost in the fog.
I did not even know what it was that
   I was looking for.
So I wondered.
So I wandered.
Aimlessly, 'round and 'round.
But I just knew it was out there somewhere.
Then I came to the realization that I still
  had not found what it was I was looking for.
I lost the reason right there, right then.
The purpose seemed empty to me.
Then it occurred to me.
I was looking in all the wrong places.
When what I was looking for was inside me 
   all the time.
Still it seemed so far out of my reach.
My shaking feeble hands just could not grasp it.
Again my perception was off.
When in fact it was right in front of me.
Already within my heart waiting 
   to be brought back to life.
Oh my God, please breathe life into me.
Ignite the fire within me.
I will fan the flames.
I will let it burn.
Oh my God, bring me back to life 
   for the first time again.
I will breathe You in.
I will absorb You.
You will consume me.
I will rise.
A new man.
Stronger, wiser.
Who knew?
That I would find what I was looking for.
In the very last place I would ever look.
In the very core of me, my Heart of Hearts.


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