Standing out in the driving rain.
My tears mix with the water streaming down
   my face.
The rain hides my tears.
And that suits me just fine.
My pain is my pain alone.
This is for me to suffer.
So I keep to the shadows.
Only emerging when the heavy rains come.
My only release.
Crying all my tears in that rain.
Tears, a side effect of hiding all my harms.
Caustic tears.
The rain does not wash away all the hurt 
   and the pain.
Oh, if it could!
So I will hide in the shadows.
Waiting for the black rains to come.
So I may emerge and cry my crimson tears
   in those rains.
And die a little bit more.
The black rains are caustic.
Still, I will continue to cry my tears in the rain.
It's all I have ever known.
It's how I am.
So, I close my hollow eyes.
The tears will leak through like blood from
   a deep cut wound.
It's all I I know to do.
It's all I can do.
It makes no difference.
Nothing matters any more.
Only to cry my tears in the rain.


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