Your heart will be pulled and stretched.
Sometimes beyond what it can take.
Then you will break.
The wound will be deep.
There will be bleeding inside.
The crimson flow will mix with the tears' flow.
The pain will feel like you are going to die.
Some of you may even do so.
You will want to give up.
Just roll over, it will all get better in due time.
Don't you believe it!
Feelings tend to lie.
As long as you have hope you have courage and strength.
To rise above.
You can rise above.
Nothing can hold you down.
Nothing can hold you back.
Not even you.
You can believe in yourself, it's alright to.
You have to, if you're going to survive.
And not just survive, but thrive.
You are meant for so much more.
So much more than you can know.
Can you hear a still, small voice?
That's Spirit within you where you felt there was nothing.
It's all very real.
I can promise you.
Now your hope has shown you there is indeed faith in that broken heart and tattered soul.
That black hole within you that you thought was consuming you was and is just another lie.
You can stop taking lies as truths.
You can stand and you can be counted.
Do not go quietly.
Please, there is a Living Love within you.
That love will make your faith stronger and more solid than steel.
You can believe.
Just believe.
Now, close your eyes, you will see.
You are worth so much more than the sum of everything you think you are.
This is the truth; the heart of everything within you.
The wounds will heal.
They will all cover over.
Leaving a scar.
Scars are beautiful.
They speak of the strength within your heart.
The strength within your mind.
Love, you see, is so very real.
It exists.
It exists for you, within you.
It's at the very core of who you are.
Just believe!
Sorrow and hurt are finite.
Hope, faith and love are infinite.
And love stands apart.
It being the greatest.
It's who you are.
Love is forgiving.
You can believe you can of yourself.
Love is for giving.
You can receive it.
You can take it.
You can love yourself for the first time, again.
Just look at your scars.
It was love that healed the former wounds.
Love brought soothing to your pain.
Love brought comfort to the hurt from your harms.
Do not hide your scars.
Such beautiful scars.
Bear your scars.
Remember where you came from.
Remember the who you used to be.
See who you really are.
Who you have become.
You can believe.
I know, oh I know, it is the hardest thing you will ever do.
No matter how much it hurts.
Because love hurts.
Love always leaves a mark.
Your scars. 
Your beautiful scars.
Painful wounds will always cover over.
They will always heal.
If you just believe.
Love heals.
The Great Paradox.
Love will tear you down.
Love will uplift you.
You can believe.
Hold on, hold out.
Hold fast, stay strong.
Because you can.
Because you are.
Because you believe.
You believe.



  1. Inspired by a song I was listening to. About the scars that cover over your wounds.
    If you believe, and you can. BELIEVE!!!

  2. What is the name of the song? If it's online can you send a link please?

    1. I'm sorry Robin I can't seem to remember the name of the song.


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