I heard your quiet cry in the still
  of the night.
I saw the tears that you tried to hide.
I see all your scars.
I have scars too.
I can see your broken heart.
I am holding all the pieces in My hand.
You are now made whole.
You can hold onto Me.
I am not going to let you down.
You don't have to be afraid any more.
I am here, right here with you.
I am here, right here.
I am not going anywhere.
I will not leave you alone.
Oh child, My child.
You, My beloved.
You are Mine.

Scott David Buckley-(31/07/2012)



Everywhere feels foreign to me.
I feel like a stranger wherever I go.
I am so out of place.
This isn't where I belong.
I am separate.
I am apart.
Always on the outside looking in.
To what I do not want to see.
So far away.
I live on the outskirts of life.
Just trying to find out where I belong.
In a world where I do not belong.

Scott David Buckley-(26/07/2012)



I search for meaning in my life.
For some reason for me.
For a rhyme to all this confusion.
And for order to this chaos that is my 
I search for answers to these questions.
For why I have all these doubts.
And for why I need to know why.
I search, I search, I search on.
I walk, I walk, I walk on.
Endlessly, forever on.
On and on.

Scott David Buckley-(25/07/2012)



I fall apart.
You are there to hold me together.
Then I push You away.
Yelling that I don't need You.
I don't want You.
You just don't know me.
You're using me.
And I have nothing to give.
Nothing I am willing to give.
"Just stay away from me!"
Then I fall apart again.
I go running back to You.
You are all that I have.
All that I know.
Where else can I go?
You are the only one who has ever been
  there for me.
You are the only one who can put me
  back together again.
Then I just turn and walk away.
Knowing full well there is no chance
  for me away from You.
Still I go.

Scott David Buckley-(24/07/2012)



I watch this world as it carries on.
Day to day.
Seemingly with no worries or cares.
And I do wish all that for myself.
To not have a single care in the world.
But I know it's just a lie.
An illusion.
Oh, why doesn't anyone see?
Why don't so many believe?
All are blind to the horror that awaits
  at life's end.
But I realize it's not always so cut 
  and dry.
Laid out for all to see.
Their life is all their own.
It's all up to them to live.
As they see fit.
The choices are theirs to make.
But I know time is short.
Living on borrowed time that is soon
  to run out.
All that I can do is watch and pray.
Oh Lord please cover them all.
In Your infinite grace and love.
I know You are faithful.
I know You hold the whole world 
  in Your hands.
I know You shine a light so bright.
So I watch and I wait.
Praying that someone will see You in 
It's all I can do.

Scott David Buckley-(21/07/2012)


Sometimes I just want to run away.
I just want to hide.
Live life on my own.
Do it all my way.
Thinking I don't need You.
So I walk away.
And it seems every path I try to follow.
Is broken and crooked.
I am always falling.
Falling down on me.
And I scream out in anger.
Blaming this all on You.
Why do You allow this?
How could You just stand there?
Waiting there.
I am hurting, I am crying.
What are You waiting for?
It's then that I see.
You are already here, holding me.
You take all my tears as Your own.
I never knew it.
You were here all along.

Scott David Buckley-(21/07/2012)


The waves come crashing down on me.
Pushing, pulling at me.
I haven't the strength to fight.
No, not any more.
Oh, won't You come rescue me?
I know You are all that I need.
I know You are the only One for me.
After all have gone and deserted me.
I am so lost without You.
I haven't strength to continue on.
No, not on my own.
I just don't know.
Which way to go.
I need Your light to guide me.
Oh, won't You come and find me?
Here I am broken and alone.
My life's in ruins all around me.
All my hopes and dreams are dust 
  on the ground.
This life has swallowed me whole.
I just do not know.
No, not any more.
I need You to show me.
The path I am to take.
Please guide me all the way.
Carry me if need be.
I am Yours.
I belong with You.
I never knew it.
You were there all along.
The One loving me.
The One holding me in Your hands.

Scott David Buckley-(21/07/2012)



I never told you.
That I love you.
When you were with me.
Now you are gone.
Oh so far away from me.
I am here crying.
I lift blood-red eyes to Heaven.
Where I know you are.
Oh, I long to have you here.
I yearn to see you here.
Face to face.
But the chance is gone.
Time was here.
Then it ran away.
Still, I whisper your name.
I miss you here.
I love you here.
Can you hear me?
Oh, I wish that you could hold me.
I just want you to hold me.
Tell me that you love me.
Tell me it will all work out.
Tell me it will all be okay.
So, here I sit.
The tears burn my face.
My heart beats your name.
My soul reaches for you.
Oh God I just want to lay eyes on
  you again. 
Oh God hear me.
Hear me please.
Bring us back together again.
Make it an oh so sweet reunion.
This is the cry of my Heart of Hearts.
I love you.
I love you...forever!
For all eternity!
So, I will wait...I wait.
Oh to be held in your arms.
Just like when I first knew life.
Save a place at heaven's table.
May God grant me the grace.
That will bring me back to you.

Scott David Buckley-(12/07/2012)


I can hear You on the wind.
Your voice is a whisper in my heart.
You give my soul breath.
In You I find purpose.
A reason for my being.
I stand, I fall.
I laugh, I cry.
I look, I can see You.
I feel Your touch on me.
Burning away all my scars.
Your presence is intoxicating.
I am infected.
I take You in.
I feel oh so alive.
Your breath is life complete.
Your beauty surpasses all before
  and after You.
My voice cries out to You.
Will You come close to me?
Here is my heart.
I trust in you wholly.
I believe in You solely.
You are all and everything.
None is above You.
Oh, fall down on me.
Oh, shine down on me.
Oh, cover me, hide me.
Plant in me love.
Grow in me love.
You are love in me.
You are greatness defined.
You everything defined.
You are the sum of everything.
The heart of everything.
Please take me as I am.
Absorb me.
Rain on me.
Saturate me.
I give who I am to You.
I give what I am to You.
All is for You.
A blood sacrifice.
Set me aflame.
Explode me.
Come for me.
Take me.
Lift me.
Hold me above everything.
As I fall into You.
Once again...this time forever...

Scott David Buckley-(12/07/2012)



I cannot say that I know it all.
I cannot even say that I know some.
But still I continue forward the best I 
As hard as it is for me.
Darkness covers everything.
And the cold is bone chilling.
My heart is down-trodden.
It is almost impossible to keep looking 
So much pushes and pulls at me.
I find myself breaking down sometimes.
My tears flood my world.
And I swallow them all.
My hope wears thin.
My walls are caving in
I find myself buried 'neath it all.
I am in ruins.
But I can feel a warmth over me.
I open my eyes to the light all around.
As I am lifted out of the swamp I am in.
Out of the rot and decay.
I begin to breathe for the first time.
I am breathing in new life.
But I am mindful of the man I used to 
I know he will always be close by.
Biding his time.
Whispering in my ear.
Enticing me to run away.
Everyday I fight with myself.
So many battles are lost.
But, the war is far from over.
More battles lie ahead.
I find solace in that I am not alone.
Oh, I know.
I know....

Scott David Buckley (11/07/2012)



It took some time.
To find what I was looking for.
It seemed like a lifetime.
To see myself in a different light.
You see, I found myself.
When I found True Love.
The veil over my eyes was rent in two.
My world was shaken to its very 
As everything fell in on me.
I looked down to see myself begin to 
And where it all ended.
I found another beginning.

Scott David Buckley (10/07/2012)