The waves come crashing down on me.
Pushing, pulling at me.
I haven't the strength to fight.
No, not any more.
Oh, won't You come rescue me?
I know You are all that I need.
I know You are the only One for me.
After all have gone and deserted me.
I am so lost without You.
I haven't strength to continue on.
No, not on my own.
I just don't know.
Which way to go.
I need Your light to guide me.
Oh, won't You come and find me?
Here I am broken and alone.
My life's in ruins all around me.
All my hopes and dreams are dust 
  on the ground.
This life has swallowed me whole.
I just do not know.
No, not any more.
I need You to show me.
The path I am to take.
Please guide me all the way.
Carry me if need be.
I am Yours.
I belong with You.
I never knew it.
You were there all along.
The One loving me.
The One holding me in Your hands.

Scott David Buckley-(21/07/2012)

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