I have hurt You.
I have let You down.
I have disappointed You.
I have walked away from You
  time after time.
Time after time You have come 
  and taken me back home.
No anger.
No judgement.
No punishment.
You just said: "Son, I love you."
It always make me cry.
Because I just cannot stop myself.
I will walk away from You.
I don't know why.
It's just what I do.
Still, You leave Heaven behind.
Just to come and rescue me from myself.
With Your mighty strong arms You wrap me up.
With Your hardened and strong hands
  You gently lay them on this poor, lost soul.
Again all You say is: "Son I love you."
"I will never leave you, I will never ignore you,
  I will never turn from you, I will never forget
    about you, I will never forsake you, you are mine."
All I can say is: "Father, thank You."
Faithful to the end, with no end.
Unfailing love.
He knows no bounds.
I am wretched, I am unclean, I am sin by nature.
Freely forgiveness became mine.
Undeserving, unworthy.
"Son, I love you, you are mine, I will always come 
  for you."


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