I am never alone.
I am forever in safe harbour.
Safe from the storm surge.
No waters can come and drown me.
I can be bent but I will not break.
No way, no how!
I will fight for everything.
I'm not going down.
This is where I will make my final stand.
You will come to me?!
No! I will come to you.
I am not afraid to stand in the middle of the storm.
Your schemes will only serve to make me stronger.
You can push me down but you cannot hold me down.
I will arise again and again.
I will not back down.
I will not back away.
I will not turn my back and run away.
I will stand and be counted.
Under these darkened blood red skies I will fight till the death.
That's when I will become more powerful than you ever dreamed.
You are not worthy of my notice.
You are lower than even the dirt 'neath the dirt.
I will not fear you.
You will fear me.
I spit in your face.
Take notice of me.
You better run while you can.
Do not turn away or you will become the fallen one that you already are.
I will fight down on my knees just like a man.
With bowed head I will bring it!
Ha, ha, this is your demise.
The chains have been loosed.
I am free! 

Scott David Buckley-(02/08/2012)

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