"How can I forgive when it hurts so much?"

God loves you, so should you.
He knows you, He knows all about you.
All the hurts, harms, and hidden pain.
He sees all the tears you cry into your pillow 
  every night, so that no one will ever see.
He sees those stains on your soul.
He sees the cuts on your heart.
He sees that you are bleeding internally.
He knows you, He knows all about you.
He is there, right there with you.
Close by your side holding you tight.
God's not letting you go any time soon.
See, you are not alone in anything!
All the harms you are holding on to are wounds 
  ever growing wider and deeper.
You have got to let them go!
Lay them all down and walk away from them.
Let God take them and do away with them.
Yes, it does hurt so much 
  it's impossible to forgive.
Someday you will, He knows you can.
He will be right there holding you as you learn 
  to walk again.
When you learn to love again and when you can
  forgive again.
One day those wounds will be scars.
Badges of honour, something to be proud of.
Beautiful, beautiful scars.
They speak of how you were not overcome, 
  but overcame!
Here's to that day.
It's not if, nor when, but will!


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  1. You are loved by a love so unfathomable, but you need know just this: You are loved!


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