My heart is nothing but scar tissue.
Each scar tells a story.
Beneath each scar is the strength gained
  from each wound.
Yes, I am damaged.
Yes, I am broken.
Oh so broken.
But never beyond repair.
Don't look at me, you won't see very much.
Look in me, that's where I really am.
You will see what I've lived.
You'll see what I've lived through.
Nothing special.
Just ordinary.
But look deeper if you can.
I'm as tough as a healed blister.
It's not easy getting through all the scar tissue.
And I suggest to do so at one's own risk.
For there is deep, cold dark.
Anger, hate and rage.
Despair, hopelessness, and fear.
I've been left alone pretty well through everything.
Not all of me made it through.
But with all I have lost I have gained so much more.
I stand before you now, as testament.
Of the power of God's unfailing love and grace.
I am alive by God and God alone.
I am now a voice.
These scars you see.
Remember, they each tell a story.
Of what lies beneath.
I am not the only one.
Nor am I all alone.
I am before you for a reason.
I have been given a purpose.
This is what my life's for.
Even though I still hurt and cry so much.
The pain hasn't gone away, I'd be lying 
  if I said it did.
The pain is just like my scars.
It too tells a story.
Take a look in me.
I'll ask what you saw.
Then I will voice the story.
Listen if you want, don't if you don't.
But I can tell you.
You just might hear something familiar.
Or see something familiar.
I will never be you or even be like you.
And you the same.
But I can say beyond all doubt.
Like minds, like hearts and like souls.
Are much stronger and burdens easier to bear.
When all or some is shared.
Here I am alive.
By the very Spirit of God.
But the voice is all my own.
And all these scars are all mine.
As is what lies beneath all these scars.
I'm not afraid to share the hidden stories.
Just like you, I am where I am.
With all that I am and still carry.
But I'm not ashamed to say.
I am here because of what God has done in me.
Continues to do so.
These are my scars.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


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