I can hear you.
Your tears speak to me.
Voiceless words only I can understand.
Can you hear me?
I cry too.
I am right there with you.
Holding you.
I know you.
I know who you are.
I care about you more than you know.
I see everything.
I feel everything.
My heart breaks for you.
If only you could see.
The love that comes from me.
You need not suffer.
No, suffer no more.
I'd wipe away those tears from those eyes.
Be silent no more child.
I am listening.
You don't need to say a word.
Your tears speak to me.
I can hear you.



  1. Beautiful, David. I know that moment... when someone sees you and your pain for the first time, and you know you're not alone. Thank you...

  2. This is beautiful Scott. It seems like what Jesus is saying to us. I'd like to feature it at my blog Draw Nigh To Hope- http://drawnightohope.blogspot.com/. Don't know if I ever told you but thanks so much for including my blog in the lineup at G+ ACC group. It will have a link back to your blog and a little bio about you. Will run all by you for approval before I post. Let me know if you will allow me to do this. Thanks

    1. Thank you for the continual support Sandi, I'd be so honoured by you sharing this on your very cool blog.

  3. Hi Scott. Have you had time to review the draft for the post? I sent you a G+ msg with the link to it. I want to publish it as soon as possible this week. Thanks.

  4. Ok. Will probably get it done today or tomorrow. I'm excited about it. Will post link here for you when it's done :) Hope you're having a good day!

    1. Here is link to your feature :) I'm very pleased with how it came out. Love the pic that I chose of your and Somewhere. Enjoy and share!


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