I had my laughs.
I shed my tears.
I loved, I was loved, I am loved.
Oh I know, I know.
You were there.
We were there.
Together, oh so together.
I lived my life.
Now I am done.
I have gone back home.
I know how much it hurts.
But please celebrate my life with you.
And please, try not to cry.
I'm not crying.

(Scott David Buckley-24/05/2012)



Tears burn lines down your face.
Those tears become the fire that is 
Your cries fall silently.
Every night you scream into your
As all this swallows you whole.
Your fear is suffocating.
It tears wide open your soul.
You are falling to submission.
You are drawing lines on your skin.
You just want escape.
You just want release.
For you the gallows are calling.
Night is falling.
Twilight finds you wanting.
So enticing is the desire of despair.
It is saturating you.
Weighing you down.
You are drowning.
You can no longer keep your head up.
You are slipping 'neath the surface.
And fading to black.
Hope has become so foreign.
The innocence you lost.
With a whisper in your ear.
You pull bear the veins.
That whisper becomes a scream.
This is becoming your last resort.
Where you are hiding.
Deeper you are sinking.
There is no escape now, not for you.
The lie becomes the truth you see.
And all Heaven is crying for you.
As you slip between another crack
  in the floor.

(Scott David Buckley-10/05/2012)



Go on, cry My child.
Oh My beloved.
Let all that hurts be washed away.
You don't have to be afraid any more.
I will be the one who's holding you.
I have so much love for you.
You belong to Me.
My reach of love knows no bounds.
You're never too far from Me.
If only you could see how much 
  love I have for you.
Know that I am never too far away.
I am always there right beside you.
That's My touch that you feel in your
I just want to bring you back into the 
To hold you close to My very heart.
Your tears are My tears.
As I am in you, you are in Me.
Oh My beloved.

(Scott David Buckley-03/05/2012)



My voice will forever whisper.
My voice will forever shout.
My voice will forever cry.
My voice will forever scream 
  His Holy Name.
Oh Jesus, Lord!
Oh Jesus, Messiah!
Oh my Jesus, my Saviour!

(Scott David Buckley-01/05/2012)