My body is sick.
My mind as well.
A war rages inside of me.
To see who will make it out alive.
I have been broken.
I have been beat.
I bear my wounds and my scars.
I am a veteran of many a life war.
I have survived just barely every time.
My heart and soul are blackened.
Crimson tears stain my cheeks.
People look at me but do not see me.
They look away from the reality before them.
My reality.
I stopped caring a long time ago.
Their arrogance makes them ignorant.
I just want to be recognized for who I am,
   not what I am.
I am not what I am perceived to be.
Not only do I fight with myself.
I have to fight every one else.
But I lay down my arms.
I cannot keep on like this any more.
Too much has been taken and lost.
Too much is at stake.
For me.
Who I was and what I was can keep
   fighting it out.
I am no longer here.
So world, are you ready for me?
I will shed my skin.
I will renew.
I will revive.
My body and mind are still sick.
Life wars still ravage my heart and soul.
And even if no one stands with me.
I will continue on as I always have.
Look down at me if you want.
You are just a squashed bug on a windshield,
   quickly smeared away.
I have no time for the likes of you.
I have no time to maintain these regrets.
My whole life lays before me.
Many more life wars will have to waged.
I can only live as I know how.
Naysayers need not say.



  1. I truly love and appreciate everything you write, Scott. You sound so much like myself. Or, at least, how I used to be. The voices, the pain, the constant struggle. It's hard enough fighting the world, but when the war is also within your own mind, heart, soul - it is complete chaos. A chaos most cannot understand, even if they do take the time to try.

    But I will tell you this - you are normal. You are not alone. And either in spite of, or because of, these struggles, you truly are stronger than you probably give yourself credit for. Don't ever try to hush the voices - accept them. But also, do not cling to them. They are there for a reason, but will grow silent when they are not needed any longer.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement. But this poem isn't meant for a literal translation. I do draw inspiration from my own life, the world around me, and life itself.
      This poem isn't me any more, maybe still in part, but I use my experiences and the such to reach out, inspire and empower others.
      A telling of a tale if you will.

  2. You are really good. I love to write poems like this but people complain that they don't rhyme. What do they know? It was beautiful. I am on G+ and found this through "Writer's Block Escape." I have a community called "Show Offs" and Mickey and I met through writing on G+. I joined your site and maybe sometime you can visit mine I have two personal ones. See you around G+.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Bekkie. You can tell the naysayers that these kind of poems are called free-verse poems. The words are meant to flow as our actual thoughts do. A little more realistic, and true to life if you ask me.


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