These are my tears.
This is my pain.
You will never understand.
You cannot see inside of me.
I warn you, stay away!
Do not even try to go down this road.
It is for me to take.
Me alone.
I am not asking for your help.
I am not asking for your opinion.
So just stop.
I have enough to deal with.
I am all I can handle.
So just stay away.
This is my choice.
My decision.
My life.
Broken as I am.
Lost as I am.
Such as I am.
It's for me to live.
I will do my best to live it the best I know
Do not even think you are any help at all.
You are a tripping stone.
A bear trap clenched shut on my leg.
Now, let go!
I am not you.
You are not me.
Your words are just babble to my ears.
Just shut up!
Yeah, I'm angry.
It's my right.
I have plenty to be angry about.
You just make it worse.
I have nothing more to say.



  1. that sounds like me these days. Except I'm yelling them at my husband:)

  2. Interesting thoughts,Scott.I understand you were off your meds, still, you do not have to suffer this alone. As you say, it is your life, your choice. Much luck and happiness.


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