It's never enough.
Everything keeps falling in on me.
My efforts always come to naught.
Down on my knees.
All colour bleeds from my skin.
Pitch black pools are my eyes.
Filling my lungs.
Feels as though I am breathing concrete.
I am drowning within myself.
I will bury me in an unmarked grave.
I feel the fire dying.
I see the embers growing cold.
All my memories are scorched.
They are biting.
They are cutting.
I open my mouth to swallow myself.
I choke it all down.
As I continue to crumble.
It's never enough.



  1. It's dark but beautiful. I used to write very dark poetry but I am learning and exploring writing about my journey with Jesus. I think you are gifted.~

  2. Thank you Sarah, and this is a part of my journey. This is what reminds me of just how much I need Jesus. God bless Sarah.

  3. The world will get even darker, but that is when we can lean into the light of God for His strength, great writing just remember you are never alone, God is with you always, Bless you brother.

    1. Thank you Gerald.
      I do tend to forget that I am not alone, to be honest.
      My darkness can be so blinding.
      But this is a good thing, for when I come to see again I am running all the harder into Jesus' arms.
      The truth that I am NOT alone is all the more sweeter.


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