I am who I am.
I will not apologize for that.
Nor will I explain.
I do not negociate.
If I'm not good enough for you then that's your problem.
Not mine.
You want me to be who I am not.
You want me to be what you think someone should be.
You want me to be just like you.
I cannot, I will not do or be that.
I will listen to words of wisdom but I will ignore what is just plain wrong for me.
It's my life for me to live.
I make all the choices.
I make all the decisions.
I do not need you to tell me any different.
Just because I'm not who you think I should be.
And so you ridicule me.
You insult me.
Have you forgotten about love?
Aren't we all supposed to love each other, regardless?
If you're just going to be condescending then you can just leave.
You cannot come to me.
You cannot call me out.
You cannot come against me.
You are no different than me and I am no different than you.
We are the same in God's eyes.
No better, no worse.
I know I am not perfect, far from it in fact.
You don't need to remind me of that.
I will not argue who a person should be.
So you can just shut it!
Accept me as I am, such as I am, or leave me be.
I don't need any negativity.
I have enough in me as it is.
I do not want any more.
So be still your tongue.
I need to live my life.
You are no help, you are a stumbling block.
You are not a door, you are a wall.
You are a burning bridge that I'll never get to cross.
Just let me be.
Let me go.
This is not open to discussion.
There will be no terms given.
I will not fight over this.
I am who I am.
And only I can be who I am.
It's between God and I alone.
I've wasted enough time with you.
I will no more.
I will follow the tried and tested, perfect will of God for my life.
And so I go.
I have a life to lead.
Good-bye to you.
I hope and pray that you find whatever it is you're seeking.
May God bless you.



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    1. A story about a man who tried so hard most his life to please everyone and to be good enough in their eyes.
      Realizing one day that's impossible.
      A question came to his mind, was it his problem or theirs?

  2. Anonymous16/3/14 14:15

    This is so good Scott, I will never be good enough for people mostly family, and I love them., but am always put down, past mistakes thrown up in my face, I answer to God period, my days of being a people pleaser for love is over, God loves me and that is more than enough. God bless you!!

    1. Thank you. Just remember it's not your problem, it's theirs.


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