There you are again.
At the crossroads, again.
Frustrated and confused.
Forgetting you've been here before.
Facing the very same choice.
Just with a different decision to make.
Still you cannot move, as always.
Stuck in the same old rut.
Will you ever learn that you and you alone know
   the solution to your dilemma?
Just close your eyes and you will see.
The way is clearly seen.
The path to choose lays stretched out before.
Straight as an arrow flies.
The longer you wait.
The harder the choice will be to make.
And the harder you will be entrenched.
Have you not grown weary of
   putting yourself through this every time?
Now, just close your eyes, open up your mind.
Let that still, small voice lead you 
   to the right choice.
Follow your heart, it knows where it's going.
All of a sudden you have decided.
And you're on your way once again.
Till the next crossroads...


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