I look at the sky...I see You.
I look at the clouds...I see You.
I watch the birds squawking and flirting...
   I see You.
I look at the trees and bushes surrounding me...
   I see You.
I breathe in the oxygen...I feel You.
I hear all the sounds that life makes...I hear You.
All that was, is, and will be...is You, my Lord.
I feel my heart beating...I know it's You.
I am alive..You are alive.
Your Spirit in me is what gives me purpose
   and reason.
You are my power.
You are my strength.
My Saviour, my Redeemer.
I am not afraid.
I will not worry.
As long as Your Spirit is with me.
Who could possibly hurt me?
Who could possibly come against me?
You are my stronghold.
You are my strong tower.
My refuge and shelter from all the storms.
Apart from You I am dead.
Apart from You I am nothing.
I love You because You first loved me.
Because You died I can now live.
You are, the Great I Am.
I am held in the very same hands that hold
   the whole wide world.
Just one speck, still You remember and know me.
Even better than I know myself.
I turn all around...You are everywhere...
   You are alive!


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