This world is so large.
Especially if you don't know of it.
This life is so overwhelming.
Especially if you're not ready for it.
A young mind just cannot comprehend.
Fear takes them down before they even know it.
So many voices telling them.
They spin around just like a top.
Confused and frustrated.
And angry.
They try to figure out their place in a place that they do not belong.
Hope slips from their grasp.
As their minds becomes all dark.
And all alone they cry out as one.
How many have to go before anyone listens?
They deserve a fighting chance.
But you are closed to all of this.
You'd rather not face the ugly truth.
You'd rather stay in your lie of a happy little world.
Meanwhile another one disappears.
Once here, gone.
So few seem to care.
So many choose to be ignorant.
For ignorance is bliss is it not?
What if it happens to you?
As you go on with your blind life.
Suddenly you realize that you are all alone.
What you loved is now not here any more.
You drop to your knees.
Crying..."Why, oh why?"
Such a pitiful sight.
You had a chance.
But now your life is empty.
Because you did not hear or listen to their cries.
It was for you to teach them.
It was for you to instill in them them all that they would need.
It was for you to hold them when they needed it.
But where were you when they needed you the most?
So comfortable in your lie of a happy little world.
Good for you that this is just a dream.
Or is it a nightmare?
They need to hear a voice of reason.
Be that now before it is too late.
Don't you turn out the light now!
Closing your eyes to sleep.
When you awake you will be alone.



I'd love to know what you think of this poem.