Guilt devours me.
Shame picks at me.
I suffer.
I bleed internally.
I am terminal.
Anger becomes rage.
My suffering intensifies.
My heart is pierced.
My soul is torn.
My mind, fragmented.
My earth and skies are scorched.
I am out in the open.
Acid rain falls down upon me.
Melting me.
My own tears are poison.
I inhale the fumes.
I choke and hack.
I feel as though I am being torn apart
  from the inside out.
As everything around me crumbles
  and turns to dust.
My life is in ruins.
I claw at my skin.
Trying to tear flesh from bone.
I want to die!
The silence is killing me.
A slow painful death.
Is there no end to this torment?
The torture goes on.
I cannot cry out.
My tongue has been cut out.
My doom is impending.
I can smell the stench.
As the cold darkness approaches,
Consuming me.
I cannot hold the onslaught back.
I have no more fight in me.
I have not the strength.
Fear and anguish have imprisoned me.
In a cell of my own making.
Six walls.
No windows, no door.
The darkness is complete.
As I claw at the walls.
Wearing my fingers to the bone.
As I slowly sink into madness.
The who I am becomes the who I was.
The who I now am is non-existent.
I huddle in the corner.
Shivering from the intense cold.
I am naked.
I am slowly freezing within.
Oh, how it burns!
I am racked with pain.
I continually convulse.
Gouging out my eyes.
I punch the walls.
I knock my head against the same walls.
I am alive.
I am alive in a living hell.
Sleep offers no peace.
Awake hurts beyond description.
I want to die!
Or am I dead already?
I want to explode.
I want to implode.
Take all this to the end.
And end it.
Forgotten, forsaken.
God I cannot see you.
God I cannot hear you.
God I cannot feel you.
Just end it!


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