I have been wandering for my whole life.
Seeking for what I was lacking.
Never finding.
Always wandering.
Always wondering.
Have I missed something along the way?
Have I lost myself somewhere along the way?
What is it that I am looking for exactly?
I have come to realize that I know not.
Seemingly I wander aimlessly.
Walking around in circles.
Growing more hazy every day.
I feel I am going to loose my mind.
I still haven't found what I am looking for.
Inside I quietly cry.
The tears burn a hole deep within me.
Corrosive and caustic.
I grow weary with the passing of each day.
The night is my only chance to hide.
My only chance to escape.
My only chance to rest it seems.
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
Where have I been?
Where am I today?
I don't even know who I am.
Oh God, what is going on with me?
Oh God, what is happening to me?
Just what am I going through?
Where have you gone?
You seem so far away from me.
I seem so far away from me.
I feel I have forgotten something.
Just what is it?
Why cannot I find it?
All my life so elusive.
As I wandered along.
As I wondered all the while.
As so it is.
I go along my way.
Never finding what I am looking for.
Never finding my way.
Never finding me.
Never finding you.
I am damned it seems to wander on aimlessly 
Just what is it that I am looking for.
All I know is there is a peace that I am missing.
And so I sojourn on endlessly.


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