The devil is roaming.
Like a roaring lion.
You he wants to deceive.
You he wants to devour.
A wolf in sheep's clothing.
His intentions are hidden.
He comes for you in the night.
He is masked.
He is cloaked in innocence.
Don't you believe him!
Resist, resist, resist!
He will flee.
With tail tucked underneath.
Listen to him shriek like the Hyena.
But don't be fooled.
He will be back.
Free to roam where he may.
He is searching for those to destroy.
And destroy he will.
Be wary, be vigilant.
Listen, watch.
He is a snake in the grass.
He is stealth.
But you need not fear.
If grace covers you.
For then he is defeated.
He is the dirt 'neath the dirt 'neath your feet.
But do not let your guard down.
He will still seek you.
His bloodlust is unquenchable.
His time is drawing near.
This means war!
Stand and hold your ground.
Draw the line he cannot cross.
Stare him eye to eye.
He does not know.
He is already defeated!
He is death.
Death is the only mortal.
He is the grave that will swallow himself whole 
  and close forever.
There was a surrender that sealed this victory!
He cannot stand.
His arrogance is his ignorance.
We will see him burn, he will burn!


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