I watch and I cry.
I just do not know why.
All the evil that man does.
We move from the grey right into the black.
There will not be understanding.
Nothing that tears can wash away.
The pain will tear a hole in us all.
There is no comprehension.
Our feeble minds just cannot fathom.
We only know what we see.
We do not realize that fact has become fiction.
What we see as truth is a lie.
And all our hearts will bleed.
As what has been built falls and crumbles into dust.
There is nothing that we can hold on to.
We are all on our own.
We have made it that way.
We have forsaken ourselves.
Our mouths have become open graves.
I watch and I cry.
I just do not know why.
My God, my God, what have I done?
What have I done?


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