It feels like it's too late.
I let you go again.
And you just left.
Leaving me feeling the guilt.
But is it really all my fault?
You always blamed me.
But I'm not the only one who waited too long.
How can you be blameless?
It's not fair I have to carry all the guilt.
You should be sharing the load.
And before you go laying all this on me.
You really should look into your own heart.
I think you'll find guilt there.
Maybe you'll realize it's not just me.
I cannot care about this any more.
I'm done with you.
And you can blame me for this.
I have  a clear conscience.
I don't care if your going to continue 
  being bitter.
I know it'll eat you alive, consuming 
  all of you.
Or maybe you don't care either.
Oh well, I guess you were never 
  really a friend of mine.
You lied to me!
It's too late for forgiveness.
It's way too late for apologies.
They'd just be lies too.
You're gone, as if you were ever
  really here.
Now I am gone.
I let go of this burden I've carried 
  for too long.
Still I feel the hurt from your betrayal.
How could you?
Now, I will bury you in the cold ground.
I will forget about you.


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