You are not me.
You cannot see what I see.
You cannot feel what I feel.
What makes you think you can tell me how 
  I should live my life?
This is my life, such as it is.
You are a fool.
You are so arrogant.
Making you ignorant.
All I hear you say is babble.
Your mouth is a bottomless, dark pit.
One I will not fall into.
You can go ahead and swallow yourself.
You were a stumbling block but now you're just rubble.
You will become a stepping stone.
You will become another milestone for me.
I know I will leave you in my dust.
I know I will rise above you, so high above you.
You will no longer hold me back.
I won't let you.
You will no longer hold me down.
I won't let you.
All you've said and done have become fuel 
  for the fire within my heart.
I am so alive.
You are dead to me.
Dead as sin.
I will not let you in my mind.
I deserve better than this.
I am gone, gone, gone.
I will no longer waste a single thought on you.
I am moving onward.
I am moving upward.
Rising above to soaring.
On eagles wings I will soar.
Higher than even the angels go.
I am alive.
My heart and mind are guarded.
My resolve is steel solid.
I'm never coming back. 
I am never coming back down.
I will keep and bear these scars.
They give me hope.
I will never look back here again.
I remember how far I have come.
All without you telling me anything.
My life starts now.


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