(277) Words HURT

(277) Words HURT Stigma causes all the ignorance and arrogance of the layperson. And that leads to comments or actions that  cause harm, hurt and deep felt wounds. It is why those who are victims of bullying, afflicted with mental illnesses and addiction, which is strongly linked to mental illness. Stigma is why so many of these people suffer in silence, needlessly. The silence is the true foe here and the true killer. THIS MUST STOP NOW!!! The death of stigma is my dream and prayer. I believe in this cause with all of who I am. Please do not be ignorant and thus arrogant. Do not be the problem be the solution. Do not be the dark be the light. Do not hate those who are seemingly different than the so-called majority, rather love. Love leads to acception and some kind of understanding or empathy.

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