You're not a god, I will not pray to you.
I don't need to be blessed by you.
You will not deceive me.
I can see your schemes.
You are an open grave.
Waiting to devour whomever falls in.
You are death.
You offer absolution for a price.
You offer false atonement.
You are a slippery slop.
You are a snare waiting to spring.
You are a predator.
You hunt for the weak and the lost souls.
You swallow them whole.
They never had a chance.
You are a wolf in a man's skin.
You speak the truth, when you actually speak lies.
Oh Angel of Light, the Great Deceiver.
You seek the fallen as you once fell.
You seek to destroy one and all you can.
You're out to lure all God's children away.
Enticing them with worldly treasures.
You prey on a man's weaknesses.
You offer fame and fortune.
You cast a long shadow.
You try to remain unseen.
But I can see you plain as day.
And you hate me.
I cause you great anger.
You attack me constantly.
Trying to break me as you did with Job.
But as Job did, I will deny my Lord and Saviour.
I will remain steadfast.
I will stand against all that you throw at me.
When you knock me down I will get back up.
Knock me down again, I will only get back up again.
You may be bigger and stronger than I, but my God is bigger and stronger than you.
And you know it.
I see the fear in your eyes.
You know God exists and you tremble at the very mention of His Name.
His wrath will be absolute.
His vengeance, complete.
Your time may come.
But it will shortly come due and you will burn for all eternity.
Drowning in the Lake of Fire.
Still you remain in the world.
Many will fall at your feet.
You will have them in chains even before they know it.
Legion comes as a man.
He uses religion as a tool of deception.
He uses God's Name to deceive many.
Many will believe.
They will bow before him.
They will confess to him.
And he will use it all against them.
Letting them all think they are earning a place in Heaven.
Little do they know.
They believe in vain.
Their salvation is false.
And I cry for them.
They turn from Christ.
The only one who can save them.
Your grandeur is a delusion.
Your throne is dead and rotting from decay.
You are far from being "holy".
But you have chosen your own fate.
You are not the master.
You serve another master.
Your arrogance makes you ignorant.
And it's such a sad shame.
There will be no glory or honour for you.
Pray to your saints.
Cold and dead as they are.
You will never be a god.
You will never ascend.
The blind leading the blind.
All I can do is shake my head and walk away.
I pray for you.
Sadly though I think it's all in vain.
Your deception goes that deep.
Your roots reach deep, all the way down to Hell.
God, is there any hope for them?
Can they still be saved?
Is there time enough for them?
Or is their fate sealed?
I will pray.



  1. When does god reveal himself ,,,,,,,,,,,, in our darkest hour,,, thankyou for sharing your deepest thoughts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Indeed God does Shirley. And youère quite welcome. I'm only to glad to.


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