The sun is shining full on.
I look to the heavens.
And I am not blinded.
I long to soar up above.
Knowing one day will be the day.
I am holding onto You.
Onto Your promise.
A true promise of a lifetime.
I need you more and more each day passing.
I will hold onto Your love.
Please don't ever let me down.
I love You, I love You, Oh, how I love You.
Because You first loved me.
Oh, how You love, how You love me.
Even one such as me.
All I've ever done was lie and betray You.
I've disappointed You time after time.
I think time has run out on me.
But You are still here with me.
Holding me.
Holding onto me.
No anger, just love.
Love unconditional.
I am alive, I live because of You.
When I wanted to die every day.
You gave life instead.
You have soothed and comforted all
  my hurt, harms and pain.
When I was crying in the dark alone
  it was You who were with me.
You've never deserted me.
You've never left me alone, afraid of what to say.
You've never forsaken me.
All I can say is thank You dear Lord, dear brother
  and dear friend.
It just doesn't seem enough.
After all You have done for me.
You saved me, You saved me, You saved me!
You paid the debt that I could not afford.
You came back for me.
You put a fire in my heart.
You gave me Your Spirit to stay here with me 
I am home.
In Your arms I am home.
I hold the very hand that holds the whole world.
What have I ever done to deserve all this?
What have I ever done to prove myself worthy?
I am just one man.
A simple, ordinary man.
Broken down, weathered and withered.
I have to wonder what You see in me.
I can hear You say: "Shh my child, I am in control.
  I know what I have instore for you."
"You need to just be still, do not worry, I have
   your back."
And it makes me cry every time when I think
  of all this and more.
I am just so overwhelmed.
How can You love one such as me?
I am so grateful.
For all the blessings You have given to me.
For Your infinite grace.
For Your unfailing love.
You give me reason.
You give me purpose.
You are why I am still here.
I bow down on bloodied knees before You.
You reach down and put me on my feet.
"You are mine, my child, my son." 
You say to me. 
And when I wander away again.
Wandering away is what this poor excuse 
  of a man does.
I just cannot help myself.
You, the Good Shepherd, leave all
  of the ninety-nine to come for this one 
    lost sheep.
I know You moved all Heaven and Earth
  just to get to me.
Just in time, Your love is always right on time.
You are always right here, right here with me.
I am never lonely.
Even now, right this very moment.
I can feel You here, I can see You here by my side.
You are always holding me.
I feel safe.
I feel assured.
I feel comforted.
I feel peace of mind.
All because You loved me first.
You are my one and only first love.
There is no one before You.
There will be no one after You.
There is only You.
The world cannot touch me.
Life cannot hurt me any more.
I am with You, I am for You, I am Yours.
I am not afraid.
You are all I have, You are all I need.
I love You forever and a day.
My world can go up in flames.
I can come all undone.
My sky can fall down on me.
All can desert me.
It will be of no consequence.
Because You are here with me.
You will take me in.
You will give me shelter.
You will give me refuge.
And I will rest in the Your shadow.
Comforted, soothed, and calmed.
Nothing will keep me separated from You.
You love me, You love me, that's all that
  matters to me.
Nothing else matters.
Just as long as You are here with me.
Right here with me.
Right here.


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