These are dark times we live in.
We seem to be forsaken.
Even forgotten by God.
Evil is so prevalent.
It is so cold here.
Cold enough to freeze one's soul.
Hope is hard to come by these days.
I'm losing my strength to hold on.
My grip is slipping.
I don't want to hang here any more.
Left here, naked, for the crows to pick at.
The days don't seem to change one from the other.
The grey sucks the life out of everyone.
I am frustrated and confused.
This world is chaotic.
Silence has fallen on to this life.
Where am I to go?
When nowhere is where I am.
And no matter what I always end up nowhere.
This world that I know does not know me.
I am just a speck of dust.
I am nothing, just like this life of mine.
It's hard to be someone when one is considered
  to be no one.
I look for love.
But there is no love in this world.
I scream out: "Where is the love?!"
These times are almost over.
Will we all cease to be?
Somehow I don't think so.
Somehow I still hold onto faint hope.


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