I hear so many voices.
Telling me this and telling me that.
It's almost impossible to tell the good 
    from the bad.
They try to leave me with no choice.
They try to steal my identity.
They are pretty close.
I get so confused.
Everyone always has something to say.
Everyone has their opinion, and 
    it's the only right one.
My opinion does not matter.
Making me angry.
Who's life is it anyway?
Am I not allowed to live my own life?
Or is my life just a lie?
Filling me with frustration.
I am being pulled every which way.
It is enough to drive a man mad.
And I'm about there.
I clench my fists and grind my teeth.
I am about to go off.
It's time to take my own life back.
You all can shut it now!
Leave me alone!
I do not want to hear what you 
    have to say any more.
I will make my own choices.
Based on what I do indeed know.
And I will do so on my own.
I do not need your so-called help.
God, hear me now.
Shut all these voices in my mind up.
I only need to hear Your voice.
You are the One alone who knows which
   way to go.
And I will follow You.
But these voices are getting in the way.
Please take them away, once and for all.
Set me free of my mind.
Please bring me close.
Let me hear just Your voice.
I believe in You alone.
You are all that I need.
Shut all this noise down for good.
I want to see clearly.
I want to know clearly.
And You are the only One.


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