I will never be me again.
I was here, now I'm not.
I'm not quite there either.
Still, I know there I will surely be.
Oh the rapture to find myself again.
To see how much I have changed.
To learn all over.
But I can never remain.
I live but to sojourn on and on.
Letting go of myself.
Knowing I will not lose who I am.
Realizing I must go on.
Leaving myself for a time.
To seek out new paths.
To seek out new adventures.
This is my journey, my journey alone.
Always knowing, wherever I go
   there I will be as well.
And to see myself renewed.
For it is hard for me, letting go.
There is the underlying fear I will always feel.
That I will get lost within myself.
To be trapped in the deep, cold, dark.
I have known great despair.
I have been prisoner to loneliness.
Depression has been a constant companion.
All want to see me done with.
Still hope always rises within me.
Someday will be my end, but not this day.
Today we becomes me.
One more time.
Here I am.
Where I always am.
Where I was meant to be.
Who I was meant to be.
Knowing great revival.
And renewing of the spirit that is me.
I will never be again.
I will never be yet just yet.
I am just I am.


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