Your words are razor sharp.
They cut me off at the neck.
I lose myself.
You are a searing flame.
Burning a hole right through the heart of me.
I am razed.
I was defenceless.
I was caught off guard.
And you got to me.
You broke me.
You threw my broken body away 
   like I was refuse.
Your tongue is your only power.
You use it to rape and destroy.
You devour, you swallow whole.
Licking your lips you just smile.
I know you're aware.
You come from darkness and cold,
I see through you.
I know your kind.
Unfeeling, soulless.
You are getting away with murder.
You leave a trail of victims in your wake.
One day all that you do and say
   will come back down on you.
What will you do then?
Don't look for help from me.
You hurt me.
You killed me.
Now who's burning?
How does it feel?
I will stand by and watch as you are razed.
I will not feel sorry for you at all.
Now I turn to walk away.
Leaving you in your own ashes.



  1. Wow, very interesting poem. I'm sure we have all felt like this in our lives at some point to someone. Put your trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and he will comfort you when all others are forsaking you, beating you down, and seeking for you not to thrive. I hope you find healing.

    1. This is an illustration loosely based on the part of the bible where it states that the tongue is a fire.
      Although very personal, this isn't a literal translation of my life and experiences.
      It's a stark, graphic, and intense reminder to us all of just what our words can and will do.


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