Here I am.
I am still alive.
Tried as I did.
Not to be.
Hate and rage consumed me.
Anger lashed out.
Cutting off everyone.
Leaving me isolated.
Just as I wanted it.
So I thought.
The silence was killing me.
It is a miracle that I even survived.
And it was not of my own doing.
God had other plans for me.
He was the one who reached down and
   picked me up.
There just was no life left in me.
Despair had overcome me.
Now, here I am.
I am still alive.
Even after all the fire.
Even after all the rain.
The pain was worth it.
For God to bring me to where I am.
I had made it through.
I had survived.
Now I live.
Now I thrive.
Thank You God.


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  1. He will bring his child out of it. He is of the glory and you are his child and he is speaking through to uplift his children. To gather his follers like his flock and this reminds me of the verse "fear not little flock".


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