I cannot say what is right.
I cannot say what is wrong.
It is up to the individual.
The choice is theirs.
They will walk their own steps.
And reach for their own heights.
Falling to pick themselves up.
Hopes are theirs.
Dreams are theirs.
To make their own reality.
Who's to say any different?
Who's is it to judge?
That you presume to know any better.
Stand back, and let walk.
Let talk.
And let live.
They are their own.
Their own passions.
Their own beliefs.
To be who they want.
To think what they want.
There should be no condemnation.
There should be no admonishing.
None can be critical.
None can be judicial.
Life is one's own.
Lived as one's own.
Answering to no one.
Justifying to no one.
I cannot see as them.
I cannot view as them.
For I am my own.
As my own.
I am just me.
I am the only one I know.
You go, I will go.
You on your path.
Me on mine.
The world turns as it wills.
Powered by the people.
See they.
See you.
See me.
Making us we.
We are our own.
We are on our own.
None to speak of any.
None to say any.
What is for?
What is against?
You ask you.
I ask me.
Who's life do we lead?
Who's life do we live?
Who's life?

(Scott David Buckley-30/03/2012)

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