I will stand.
The hammer will fall.
I will make voice as thunder.
Rage is in my stare.
My wrath will be loosed.
Stand back, stand out of my way.
Feel my righteous fury.
My hate will fall down upon you.
I will not be called slave any more.
This is my restitution.
This is my salvation.
As I rise.
My whisper will become a scream.
I am mighty.
I am power.
I will bring retribution.
I will raze all to the ground.
And this fire will spread throughout.
No more will I look down.
No more will I be made to bow.
Just try and bend me, I will not break.
I will no longer defend.
For I will be an offensive.
And I will bring you down.
This is your end.
I am no longer yours.
I never was yours.
They were all just lies.
I have taken back what is mine.
You are no more!

(Scott David Buckley-05/04/2012)

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  1. Affliction is my foe. My nemesis. I once was a slave to the fear that affliction bread in me. No more! This is my time. I will stand and I will know victory.


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