Born in a humble setting.
A little babe, completely helpless.
A pure white lamb.
As He grew, He grew in great
  knowledge and wisdom.
When He spoke all listened.
Oh so few heard.
With a sweep of His hand He
  governed the elements.
Even the demons obeyed His command.
For this He was hated.
The only crime He was guilty of
  was speaking truth.
He called Himself the Son of Man.
He called Himself the Son of God.
He said He came not to lead but to 
He was radical.
He was a rebel.
Those in power feared Him.
For they did not want to lose that power.
Secretly they plotted against Him.
His fate was sealed.
For it was foretold.
He was betrayed by a brother.
For cheap pieces of silver.
The Son of Man was led before a man.
The Son of Man was judged guilty
  by a man.
The Son of Man was beaten and
  tortured by men.
The Son of Man was led away to the 
  Skull by men.
The Son of Man was nailed to a tree
  by a man.
A man hoisted the tree up with the Son 
  of Man hanging from it.
The Rose then withered and died.
The sky grew black as pitch.
A fissure cracked straight through the
  blood soaked ground.
The veil of man was rent in two and 
  fell to the ground.
God anguished over His one and 
  only Son.
The grave opened its mouth wide
  and swallowed Him.
He then descended down to Hell.
Oh how Lucifer screamed like a 
  little girl.
Jesus took back the keys of Life and 
Death was defeated that day.
When the borrowed tomb was found 
He was not stolen.
The angel proclaimed Him risen.
"Oh little children do not be afraid,
  He is not here He is alive!"
Then came the mighty rushing wind.
A flame danced above their heads.
The promise of a Comforter was 
See Him now, scars on each wrist
  and ankles.
See Him now ascend back to Heaven.
Back to His throne of glory on His 
  Father's right hand.
Glory, glory in the highest!
How great He is!
So awesome and powerful.
The grave could not keep Him.
Death has lost its sting.
With Christ's death we too have died.
With Christ's ressurection we too have
No more death.
No more sorrow.
No more tears for they have been wiped 
The prophesy now fulfilled.
He is the Messiah.
The Saviour of slaves.
Now slaves no more.
One promise was left with His brothers
  and sisters.
He has foretold His return.
This time with mighty, Divine rage.
He will set fire to all the lands.
All the nations of Earth will fall.
And we will fly away up through
  the heavens.
Once the Lamb led to the slaughter.
Now the mighty, royal Lion.
Jesus has brought a new Covenant.
The separation now made complete.
With love surrounding.
With love penetrating.
With love saturating.
On wings of eagles we will soar.
Up so far above the angels.
Our debt has been paid in full.
He sacrificed Himself so that we would
  not have to.
Through Him we have been saved
  by love and grace alone.
I for one will stand and be recognized.
I will lift up His Holy Name above all.
Oh Hosanna!
Alpha and Omega!
Who was, who is, and who will be 
Saviour, Redeemer!
Forever First Love!
He left the ninety-nine to come for
  the one.
All for love.
For the proud and the meek.
For the strong and the weak.
For the sound minded and the afflicted.
For the sinner.
For the liers, the thieves, the
  murderers, and the molesters. 
He went into the dark places.
He walked the back streets and the 
  alley ways.
Where most men are afraid to wander.
God is good!
God is great!
Jesus proclaimed: "It is finished!"

(Scott David Buckley-08/04/2012)


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  1. In loving memory of our Lord God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    Who died and rose from the grave. Because He loved us so.
    Proclaim Him King!
    Proclaim Him Lord!


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