A life lived alone is mine.
Hidden within time.
In an empty room.
In an empty house.
I was estranged.
Even from myself.
I was unknown.
Forgotten and forsaken.
I sank deep within myself.
What I did not know is that I was known.
You knew me.
You saw me.
You caught all my tears.
You wiped my eyes dry.
You soothed me in my distress.
You comforted me in my sorrow.
Giving me hope for freedom from my
You found me deep within where I had
You pulled me out.
You set me upon my feet once again.
Your sweet voice whispered to my soul.
You became the beating of my heart.
Breathing life back into me.
Alone I am no more.
You rescued me from the hell I had
   created for myself.
You lifted me from my grave.
Now I am free.
You came for me.
You came to where I was.
Picked me up and took me away.
I was brought out of myself.
Out of darkness and despair.
Into the light of eternal hope.
A fire ignited in me.
Melting me.
I inhale You deep.
Your touch is upon me.
Love has been poured out all over me.
I bask in its' brilliance.
Its' warmth reminds me I am alive.
I lay down my loneliness.
I lay down my burdens.
Although weary, I can rest.
Assurance I know.
I can lay down in Your presence.
I will not fear.
Deafening silence gives way to deep
You are my salvation.
You are my redemption.
I am alive in You.
And You in me.
I am Yours.
Yours and Yours alone.
You came for me.



  1. This brought tears to my eyes...ok...I was bawling my eyes out! I felt this in every part of my being. It is a beautiful feeling and a painful one when it is lost. I love this and it was an amazing piece Well done Scott!


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