Alright, enough already! I decide.
"Everyone out, now!" I shout.
But the noise remains.
So I shout again, "What about 'everyone
   out now', do you not understand?"
I'm quite angry now.
Now the noise has grown louder.
I loose my temper.
I march in, fists clenched so tight I could
   make diamonds.
Still the noise grows louder.
I grow hotter with rage.
   OUT, NOW!!!" I scream.
I've had quite enough.
Even a long time ago.
What do I need to do to have peace and
How do I make the noise just, STOP?
I'd say it was driving me mad, but I arrived
   there a long while ago.
Now I am trying to hide.
But everyone just comes and finds me.
Making all the more noise.
The volume so loud, I am starting to crack.
Now I begin to crumble.
I cannot take this any more.
Not that I ever could.
I'm about to explode.
Or is it implode?
I'd rip my mind out if only I could.
"Anyone want a slightly used mind?"
"maybe not, it doesn't work right anyway."
But I am ready to come right out of my
Climb right out of this breaking apart
I am about ready to give up.
The noise has reached its' crescendo.
But I am still shaking.
I'm feeling the sonic boom in my chest.
Or is it just a hyperactive heart beating.
Faster and faster, harder and harder.
Almost coming right out of my chest.
Enough is enough.
And enough is all I can take.
On my own there is nothing i feel I can do.
"God? It's me again...Help?!"



  1. Love! Love love love love love! Anyone who is willing and able to write so intensely about voices in the head deserves a pat on the back, a "Bravo!", and a "Thank you!!" I can't count how many times I've called out for God's help just because the voices would not be quiet and I'd had enough.

    1. Thank you Brandi and you're quite welcome.
      I'm glad you "loved" it so much. ;)
      Also i am glad you could relate, that's my aim with my writings.

  2. These words are beautiful. These are the thoughts I tend to keep hidden within myself. It's a breath of fresh air.

  3. LRL 8/21/13 5:59 pm
    I can totally relate -- sometime the only words that can come out is God help,
    but thanks be to God sometime that's all He need to hear.


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