This world does not know that I am alive.
That suits me just fine.
For too long the world has been a thorn
  in my side.
The torrent that washed over me.
The torrent that washed me away.
I am the forgotten.
I am the forsaken.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Go on leave me behind.
Just leave me be.
You killed me.
Now I am alive.
Brought back to life.
Not the same old dead life.
I am alive.
I see the light shining on me.
Lifting me up and away.
I am breathing.
I will let go of everything you had for me.
It all did me in anyway.
I will now expand.
I will grow.
There will be no limits on me.
There are no boundaries to keep me.
I will never be bound again.
You will never know me.
You will never see me.
I stand in your midst.
But you will know me.
You will see me.
I am alive.
You are dead.


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