Here I am.
Heavy burdened, heavyhearted.
Choking on tears.
I cannot help but be scared.
I am only human after all.
I am trying to deal with
  the impossible in an impossible world.
I came crashing down, crashing down hard.
And then there was what came back around.
Still I will rise and rise again.
I am not ready to give up now.
Honestly I am afraid to.
So I will do what I need to to survive.
I am still confident I will find my way.
As long as it leads to You.
This man is broken.
I have lost so much of myself along the way.
Somehow I have always believed
  You were right here with me.
Picking up all the pieces that I lost.
You are slowly putting me back together.
One day I will stand again.
I will be whole again.
This is the longing of my feeble heart.
This is what is beneath my scars.


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