Tears will fall.
As they do, so too fears.
To be torn apart.
Is to be be put back together.
To lose it all.
Is to gain.
That's how life goes.
Pain means there will be healing.
Dark times always lead to the light.
Stand and fall and stand again.
Look at where you were.
Look at where you are now.
Haven't you come so far?
Did you know you were never alone?
Someone was always there.
Even when it just seemed like no one was.
Have you ever closed your eyes
  wishing everything would just go away?
I know I have, oh, I have!
I came to realize that the only constant
  was change.
What hurt me only made me stronger.
It took so long for me to see that.
I was always getting in the way.
I lied to myself.
This fight I was fighting was a lost one.
I know that this is my life.
It might not turn out the same for you.
Nothing is typical.
Results may vary, they usually do.
Life is funny that way.
But one thing is the same for us all.
There is a choice for everyone to make.
Each and every one will eventually have to
  make a choice.
There is no getting away from it.
To choose to not to choose is a choice.
And comes with a consequence.
As with everything.
You don't have to be alone on your journey.
We all need someone.
Someone to hold our hand and to tell
  us it's going to be okay.
Even if it isn't going to be.
That's not a lie.
For everything works out for the good
  in the end.
Oh I promise.
I've been there before.
I found my way out. 
So can you. 
You need just to believe.
And that's everything.
Oh my friend you can still believe.
I know there is someone worth still believing in.
You can still get it right.
Belief is the only thing that will bring you to it.
Bring you to it and bring you out of it.
But I can only tell you.
It's all up to you to choose.
Just reach out your shaking hand.
It's still not too late.
Someone is there waiting for you.
Just for you.
Love is there, there for you.
Even though it doesn't seem that there is.
Life can be so hard.
Desperation can blind.
Anger makes all it touches bitter.
Hate is a swallowing black hole.
This I know all too well.
I made it out.
So can you.
I know it!
The choice is all yours to make.
You can make it.
You can.


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