It's so easy to be angry.
No one would blame you.
There're so many reasons to be anti.
This world is a negative place.
But it is what it is made to be.
You can make a difference.
If you want to.
Or you can just add to the darkness.
No one would blame you.
But, there is one thing you need
  to remember.
All along the way you are there.
In everything you say and do.
And you know better.
You will be the one who blames you.
All that has hurt you you have allowed.
And you know it!
That's why there are tears 
  welling up in your eyes.
So take heed of yourself.
The only one you hurt is yourself.
No matter how hard you try to shift the blame.
It's too easy to live bitter.
Life is too short though.
It always all comes back down on you.
Those are your tears you are drowning in.
Those are your hands holding you under.
What will you do now?
Will you continue on ignoring it all?
But remember that the longer you ignore
  the bigger everything gets.
You have no one to blame but you.
But you can still rise above.
You are above it all.
You are better than this misery.
No one would blame you.
No one really cares though.
They have their own blindness.
You have your life.
This is your life!
What you do with it is all up to you.
You can fill the cup the rest of the way.
Or you can drain the cup the rest of the way.
Rise or fall.
Be angry, be bitter, be miserable, or be better.
So much more than the sum of all these.
You are so much more.
Stand on the ground, or rise above.
You can soar.
You will never come back down. 
Doesn't that just change everything for you?
You can always start over.
Live, laugh, love, forgive.
What would happen to this world
  if everyone thought like this?
What if...?


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