I can sense your presence.
Your stench weighs heavy on the air.
I feel your icy fingers wrap 'round my throat.
Squeezing ever so slow.
To lengthen the time the pain lasts.
You whisper so softly to me.
I am seduced blindly.
As I choke and suffocate you dig your talons in.
You completely envelope me.
Your fangs bite deep into me.
Sucking the lifeblood right out of me.
You bleed me dry.
I am left helpless.
You have taken my strength, the little I had.
I cannot fight.
I cannot run.
A prisoner, a slave.
Why do I give in so readily?
Why do I follow so blindly?
My free will is gone.
Sucked out with my life.
Now I am just a hollow shell of a former man.
Just a broken skeleton.
Left to turn to dust.


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